Anthony, we love you and good luck.

For almost 12 years there has been a YouTube that has changes so many lives, that is a channel called Smosh. I have been apart of this fandom since the age of six- yes that it hard to believe but it is the truth, I was six at the time after all.

As all Smosh fans know, Anthony has officially left Smosh.  When I had first about it, I was left heartbroken. Seeing his tweet the night before, I was suspicious:

Screenshot 2017-06-16 at 21.18.37

I had this feeling that is wasn’t going to be good and it turned out, it wasn’t. His video had me fighting off the tears, as it was very emotional. The things Anthony was saying and the way he was looking at the camera, his words were so thoughtful and so genuine. You could see him flaring up and almost in tears. It has been two day since we heard the news and for the Friday Smosh video, a more up lifting approach to this news.

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