TV Reviews

I love writing reviews and I have been writing a review of my favourite episode of ‘The 100’, season 3. I have been writing this whenever I had spare time, so it has taken me months to write it. But I am proud to say that I have finally finished it. The review of ‘The 100’ will be posted next week as I have a review that I am posting this week. For a while now,  I have been wanting to write reviews of a new TV series and as a lover of TV, I love finding new shows to watch but sometimes I find them when they have finished airing. I was looking on YouTube one day, just to see if there are any shows that look interesting, and would enjoy to watch. So I have chosen Dynasty (a CW remake).

Dynasty was an American soap opera which aired on the broadcasting channel ABC, beginning in 1981 and ending in 1989. The show was based around the rich Carrington family from Denver, Colorado. I have been looking forward to this show for a few months now and it’s so close. There has been a lot of criticisms about the show but just like many people, I ignore them. But you really don’t know, until you know. So I am giving this show a go and see where it leads.

The new series is to air in October along with Riverdale, Wednesday 11th.

I hope you will enjoy my reviews.


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