TV Show Review

I love writing reviews, I have been writing a review of my favourite episode of ‘The 100’, season 3. I have been writing this whenever I had spare time, so it has taken me months to write it. But I am proud to say that I have finally finished it. The review of ‘The 100’ will be posted next week as I have a review that I am posting this week.

Wednesday 11th October, there is a new and returning TV show both airing on The CW Television Network. I have written another article about which show I will be writing a review on but I thought I would write a more detailed one of why I am watching it.

‘Dynasty’ is a remake of a 1980s show which aired on the ABC network, staring John Forsythe and Joan Collins. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t around when the show was airing but that hasn’t stopped me from watching them now. Thanks to a close friend, who has the entire box set, let me borrow season one. I have to say it was not what I was expecting, although I loved some of the storylines but I wasn’t so keen on the characters. I usually watch TV shows because there is a certain character that makes me want to watch more.  I still thought I would give the show ago.

Now back to the new Dynasty. I will watch the Premier but start writing my review on the second episode, that might be weird but I feel like I can merge my review of episode one into two.

Hope you enjoy my reviews.

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