Dynasty- S01E02 Review

Spit It Out

Network: CW

Air Date: Oct 18, 2017
Directed By: Michael A. Allowitz
Written By: Sallie Patrick


“The spotlight falls down on the Carrington family when it’s discovered Matthew’s death may have included foul play. Cristal begins to struggle with what it means to be a Carrington while Fallon helps to cover up Cristal’s affair, to help protect the family name.”

“Spit It Out” is the name of episode two of CW’s Dynasty. A video that was posted before the episode aired, Sallie Patrick, the writer of this episode, explained about the titles of the episodes. They all don’t have anything to do with the episode, each title is a line of dialogue from the original.

Fans and guests of the Carringtons were expecting a smooth sailing wedding but instead got a murder mystery. Episode two continues straight where episode one left off, the Carrington mansion now swarming with the police and press. Arriving on the scene is the chief of police, Stansfield. He seems to be on Blake’s side and that is even when the investigation hasn’t even started.

While in a private meeting, Cristal is shocked that Blake is putting business before family, which Blake and Fallon reply in unison, “Same thing.” In my view and probably many others, Cristal is at the moment struggling to come to terms with being a Carrington, she really doesn’t know what she has gotten involved with. She is forced to make a statement to the press about Matthew’s death and the many rumours attached to it. Whilst making her statement, it takes a toll on her and she faints, right in front of everybody.

The next morning, Fallon is reading the different article headings about Cristal after she fainted and is joined by the rest of the Carringtons, including Sammy Jo. When Blake arrives to have a word with just his children. The investigation, as much as we hope, isn’t going to disappear quickly. The family need to get rid of any trace of Matthew because all of the family, apart from Steven, had motive to kill him. Matthew was sleeping with Cristal: Blake’s reason and an accident at Windbriar means it would tank the price, so Fallon and Jeff could snatch it up. The photograph that Fallon had taken of Matthew and Cristal needs to be destroyed and Cristal has to rid of everything she has of Matthew. But Cristal is now a Carrington, which comes with many responsibilities. Throughout this episode, she is very good at changing her emotion and role. Blake is paying Claudia,  Matthew’s widow,  $500,000 as well as the cost of the funeral and to host the wake. Claudia takes the money but she and Willie, Matthew’s partner, both know the Carringtons, especially Blake, lie.

The top two suspects are Blake Carrington and Jeff Colby. Colby’s reason: for trying to tank the price of Windbrier so he could cause trouble for Carrington Atlantic and buy Windbrier. But what happens at the end of the episode,  no one saw coming. The FBI shows up at the Carrington Mansion to arrest a suspect: Mr Carrington. The Mr Carrington in question is Steven not Blake, which came to a shock to all viewers. After this episode ended, I had to think. I spent ages thinking of why Steven would have motive. Maybe the motive he could’ve had is that he felt betrayed by Blake by being pimped out to the owner of the land and to discover that Blake’s intentions for the property weren’t as eco-friendly as expected.

The questions now are: Why is Steven the one who got arrested and what does he have to do with anything?



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