Strictly Come Dancing: Week 5


Strictly has been absolutely since week one and so many of the celebrities have been improving remarkably. I only started watching Strictly two years ago and I can now say, it is one of my favourite shows. Week 5 is one of my favourite weeks for many reasons as it is the time for the celebrities to show them what they are made of.

When I first heard that Joe was doing a Paso, I was so excited as it is one of my favourite dances to watch, along with the Charleston and Joe did deliver. This by far is my favourite routine that he has performed and Katya did an amazing job with the choreography, I loved his fierceness during the routine and that outfit, he looked amazing as a Matador. He surely made my day and I am so proud of him, my three online votes are definitely going towards keeping him.

When the judges gave their judges, Joe and Katya’s reactions were adorable. Katya screaming with delight after she got her first ever 9 and 10 and Joe’s smile. I couldn’t help but do the same thing, I was clapping during the whole performance.

Next week is Halloween so prepare for the costumes and the makeup too. Fingers crossed to see Joe and Katya next week.

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