Dynasty- S01E3 Review

Guilt is for Insecure People

Air Date: Oct 25, 2017

Directed By: Kellie Cyrus

Written By: Ali Adler

“In a throwback to the 80s, when “greed was good” and the Carringtons don their best costumes for their Charity Gala. Fallon fights with Blake for the right to use the family name in her new business venture. When Cristal learns her sister is in danger, she’s forced to choose between her old family and her new one.”

With this re-boot of Dynasty re-branding itself in a modern way, episode three is an 80’s themed episode.

The aftermath of last weeks episode still has everyone wondering, why was Steven the one who was arrested? In this episode, Steven spends most of it trying to find himself an alibi for his whereabouts on the morning of Matthew’s death, so of course he goes to Sammy Jo. Sammy wants to help him but can’t as he wouldn’t be very helpful. He claims that as a child, he and his friends got into “…stupid kids’ stuff” and he doesn’t want to hurt Steven if he were to testify. Steven understands and appreciates his honesty as it’s rare in the house.

Blake, who refuses to allow Fallon to use the Carrington name during this episode, decides to let her use the name in the end. But Fallon tells him that she doesn’t want his name, she decides to make a name for herself instead. Blake allowing Fallon to run the company would be a great bonus. Something that we’re sure she could do if she would begin working with her father instead of the two of them going head to head. Michael, who is the choffuer and hears everything from Blake, won’t give Fallon but he shares them to Steven.

Cristal and Fallon are at each other’s throats, Fallon actually makes good business suggestions. Cristal on the other hand, wants to postpone the gala but it would’ve been a bad idea and an even worse PR move. Anders, suspicious of Cristal, tells her that if ever wants to spend any large sums of cash, he will inform Blake.

The gala itself, was a total disaster. Of course the night wouldn’t be a Carrington event without something going wrong. From Cristal and Fallon getting horrible with each other, to Blake and Jeff having a fight.

Next week, tonight’s episode looks exciting, can’t wait to watch it tomorrow.

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