Hollyoaks: Winter Trailer

Break down of the trailer.

Hollyoaks has dropped their 2017 Winter trailer and it is full of many surprises, good ones and bad. Over the past few weeks, we have been given some small spoilers and clues as to what is happening this winter.

Christmas time sees Armstrong make a comeback, Luke relives a past nightmare, Mac attacked? And Cindy makes a move on Tony?

Armstrong Returns

The Mysterious Milo plot takes a terrible turn, as Armstrong contacts him from prison as he has uncovered his secret. We haven’t seen Armstrong in a while as he has wrongly spent the last few months in prison after being framed for Amy Barnes’ murder. Milo receives a chilling phone call from him in prison and warning Milo, “It’s about time Cindy found out how much of a liar you are.”

Armstrong is the only person who knows about Milo’s past, so will Milo be pressured into playing some of Armstrong’s sinister games?

Luke and Mark?

Luke past comes back to haunt him as he spots rapist Mark, who he hasn’t seen in 17 years. Luke is now forced to face his demons when Mark turns up at the Osbornes’ house.

What has brought Mark to see Luke and what does he have in store for him?

Mac Attack

Ever since the explosion at the school, Mac seems to have got away with it after causing the explosion and the shocking murder of Neeta. But Jack Osborne walks in on Mac just as he is examining the nasty burn that he got from the blast, but will Jack be the one to figure everything out. Things take a turn as Ellie tells everyone at The Dog that she has given Mac an alibi and while James encourages Hunter to get revenge for Neeta.

There are plenty of other characters who have an axe to grind with Mac, but who will be the one to punish him once and for all?

Courtney in Labour

Christmas is all about the good things in life and this seems to be the same for Courtney when she goes into labour. But when Jesse and Tegan want to be by her side during the birth, Grannie Campbell makes sure they are nowhere near her. is there to make sure they can’t get anywhere near her.

We have seen Grannie lie about Courtney having pre-eclampsia and has also confiscated her mobile phone and wheelchair. Will Courtney discover the truth and will Tegan and Jesse find out about Grannie manipulative games?

Other Pointers

  • Cindy makes a move on Tony? At a party at The Loft, Tony and Cindy are seen clutching each other while dancing together, but does it end in a kiss?
  • Two proposals, Prince and Lilly and Mandy and Luke. But who will say yes?
  • Ste and Ryan kiss? Looks like there is a bit of sexual tension bubbling up between the two rivals but does it end in a lip lock?
  • Harry moves in with James? Harry is homeless and living as a male prostitute, with nowhere to go, is he going to have anyone to turn to? James and Zack have offered him a place to stay but he has refused. But is that about to change?
  • Grace and Glen together? “Be my Gracie, you’ll get the Christmas of your dreams” Is Grace going to accept this? The kiss seems like she has decided.
  • Myra and Sally kiss? These two characters share a kiss, but is there more to it?
  • Sienna and Joel. Looks like these two get closer this Christmas
  • Brody and Cleo. Brody beds Cleo?
  • Figure on the ground. Alfie stumbles across a body in The Dog, all routes seem to lead to Mac being the body. Well, at least we hope.

Personally, I can not wait for these events to happen. I have so many questions that need to be answered and fingers crossed they will be.

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