Hollyoaks’ Stunt: Jan 2018

Through Daniel Kilkelly on Digital Spy, I have read about a new stunt that Hollyoaks has revealed. 2018 is kicking off with a new immense stunt storyline, which includes two of my favourites: Harry and Tony. The crash also includes the Maalik family and Diane as seen in the promo photograph, which is set to air in January.


Misbah Maalik crashes her car while driving through a tunnel with the rest of the family and Kim all in the vehicle with her. They are on their way home from a family trip, also in the tunnel are Hutchinson family, who are on their way to visit Diane’s sister. The car crash will pave its way to be one of the most devastating accidents and dramatic scenes Hollyoaks has ever done. With Misbah having to choose which of her children to save when a lorry is hurtling towards them, while they are imprisoned in the car. The decision that Misbah makes will escalate into another huge storyline for the Maalik family next year.

The filming took place in Liverpool’s Queensway tunnel, where cast and crew were filming the scenes at night.


We all know that Tony has disowned Harry because of what he thinks he did to Amy and has kicked him out of the house. But my question is, how is Harry part of the crash? In the promo photographs, Harry is seen with Tony and Diane. Does that mean Tony has forgiven Harry or does it mean that Ryan has confessed to murdering Amy?



The episodes will air in the week commencing Monday, January 8.

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