Hollyoaks Spoilers-18/12/17-21/12/17

These are spoilers for Hollyoaks, posted by Daniel Kilkelly on Digital Spy. 

Airing First Look episodes on E4

Monday 18th December 2017

  • Ryan collapses in front of Ste and Tegan.
  • Tegan wants to have some fun and find out more about Ryan, so she uses a hospital heart monitor as a lie detector test. What will she discover?
  • Meanwhile, James lets Harry stay with him.

Tuesday 19th December 2017

  • Harry and Ste get close, but can Ste see it in his heart to forget what he thinks Harry did to Amy?
  • Meanwhile, Milo makes sure Armstrong can’t get in touch with him or the Cunninghams again, but Armstrong comes up with another idea.
  • Elsewhere, Misbah gets Imran a paper round at Price Slice so he can pay for a new bike.

Wednesday 20th December 2017

  • Milo is worried when Armstrong gets back in touch. Later, Milo is happy when he’s invited to stay with the Cunninghams for Christmas
  • Meanwhile, Jesse plans a cheesy Christmas disco for Courtney when Adam pretends she’s won a competition at the salon. Later, Jesse leaves a card and present for Courtney confessing his love for her.
  • Elsewhere, Imran’s bike breaks, but he’s delighted when Kim offers to help him with his paper round – he’s got a major crush. Later, Misbah presents Imran with a present… walking boots!

Thursday 21st December 2017

  • It’s Christmas Day in the village and Jesse waits for a response from Courtney.
  • Later, Courtney goes into labour. Jesse arrives at the hospital to tell Courtney how he feels face-to-face, but will it be happily ever after?
  • Meanwhile, Damon and Brody are hosting a Christmas fancy dress party at The Dog and Damon is hoping to get closer to Holly.
  • Cleo is desperate to make up with Brody after using him to make Lisa jealous, but he gives her short-shrift.
  • Cleo meets Maggie at the city wall and is shocked to hear that she has cancer. Cleo later realises that Maggie is Damon’s mum and that he doesn’t know she’s ill.
  • Later, Damon prepares for a date with Holly, but will it go to plan?


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