My New Years Resolutions

When a new year comes around, many people make a few new year resolutions and are never able to stick to them, I am one of those people. But that is all going to change in 2018, as I will changing my lifestyle completely.

I have decided to make a list of my resolutions:

Be healthier with my food choices

I have been a vegetarian for over five years now and would love to stick to that for many years to come. The main reason for that change was that animals feel pain, just like us humans. Why do we need to kill the animal, there are so many other options out there. Although I do believe this, I haven’t been eating that healthy. It is true that I haven’t eaten meat for years and has chosen to scrounge on Quorn and tofu, they aren’t really the good option. So 2018 is the year a fruit and veg and eating three meals a day, if hungry before, eat fruit. 

Watch less TV

I am only human. In this day and age, we live around various electrical devices. Someday I will fulfil my dream of working in the media industry and I do love TV. Most days I would just sit in my room, doing random things and watching episode after episode of multiple TV series and movies. I am obsessed with TV. That is why I need to change, which brings me up to my next resolution.

One episode before bed

I would usually watch about five episodes or even more a night. I have decided to stop doing that and no matter if I’m tired or not, I will only watch one episode of the show I am currently watching, as long as they finish before 10:00pm.

Join the gym

I was with the gym for two years and I didn’t go as much as I wanted to. In my head, I would want to go but then my body would reject it. So I am going to go on the weeknights and on the weekend when I am not volunteering.

Watch less TV

Here we go again, TV. As I have said, I watch too much TV. I will cut down on watching multiple shows at the same time. I will finish a series before I watch another one unless it is airing.

Join social groups

The one thing I am lacking is friends. I have a few people who I would love to spend more time with but they either live far away (internet friends) or spend much time with other people. I need to meet new people so I can grow as a person and I would just love to meet new people.

Make new friends

I know that that is the same as before, but it is on this list twice as it is one of my main resolutions. I feel more secure with people who love me for who I am, I just feel like I need more friends like that, as well as the ones I have now.

Talk to internet friends more

I have said this multiple times, I need to make more friends. I created my Smosh Instagram to talk to people who share the same love for me but I haven’t achieved that yet.

Get out more

In order to do more exercise, I need to leave my house. I find myself the laziest when I’m at home. To make new friends, I need to arrange plans with other people.

Clean room every Sunday

This is a huge problem. I have too many things. I need to get rid of a lot of things and sell them or give them to charity. If I clean my room every Sunday, including hovering and dusting, I will maintain a perfect bedroom.

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