Nashville: New Strings

Air Date: Jan 04, 2018

Directed By: Timothy Busfield

Written By: Scott Saccoccio

Nashies rejoice, Nashville is back for season 6.

Kicking off the final season, we start off with Deacon, Maddie, Daphne and Scarlett taking a holiday photograph but are interrupted by a phone call. Bucky invites Maddie to perform at the “Hits and Hunger” benefit. Although disappointed that she won’t be beginning the new year together, Deacon insists that she goes. Beyond excited for her sister, Daphne, but only for the reason that Justin Bieber, Sia, Bruno Mars, and Jonah Ford will be there. By Daphne’s biggest reaction to Jonah Ford being there, suggests that he must be important.

Juliette however, is having yet another bad day. The bad day coming in the form of a shortage of champagne for her upcoming New Years Eve party but that must not just be it. It could be a number of options including the argument in last season with Maddie’s song. On the lighter side, she is also planning a tour for the first time in two years. Since Deacon has given her another chance at Highway 65, Juliette heads onstage to kick off her tour. The setback is that there are many hecklers in the audience, holding up posters. This is the last straw for her as she stops singing and delivers a well thought of speech about feeling unloved and acceptance. She is getting fed up with trying to find acceptance and with that, she walks offstage.

The past months for Juliette have been one big nightmare, causing her to struggle to get out of bed. Avery decides that they need to go on holiday to get away from everything. Unfortunately, the “holiday” causes her sleeping problems to get worse and she ends up in the hotel lobby. Whilst in the lobby, Juliette finds herself talking to a random man, a deep conversation at that. Later, as she is watching the TV, the man who she was talking to appears on the screen. The segment that she is watching is on the Church of Coherent Philosophy and about self-actualization. The next day, Glenn informs her that someone named Darius has called and would like to meet her. As it turns out, Darius is the man that Juliette was talking to in the lobby and he can see her pain and wants to help her change her life for the better. Juliette decides to give it a go and see him. When visiting Darius, Juliette becomes impressed with his calming tricks, which she uses during a radio interview later that day. Since using a calming trick, she tells Darius she’s in.

Meanwhile, In LA, Maddie is heading onstage at the Staples Center. Introducing his “personal favourite” to the stage is Jonah Ford, the singer Daphne was the most excited for at the beginning of the episode, brings Maddie to the stage. Afterwards, Jonah invites her to spend some time together at the studio the next day but he doesn’t turn up.

At the hotel, Scarlett and Maddie are sulking over ice creams and decide to go back home to Nashville. Just as they are about to leave, Jonah appears and offers to fly them back on his private plane, then taking Maddie to dinner.

Now for my favourite, the newly blonde Gunnar, has a lack of confidence and creativity now that he has to perform on his own. But thankfully, he has Will and he is going to coach him. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to encourage Deacon to date but he does not want to.

The episode ends on a happy note as Maddie, Daphne, and Scarlett show up to celebrate the start of the new year together after all.

I loved this episode, it was perfect all the way through. I do however have a lot of hopes of a happy ending, it is the last season after all.

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