The 100 Review: My favourite episode.

Season 3 Episode 12

A mysterious masked grounder attacks Miller, Harper, and Bryan, while Clarke’s group, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Sinclair, and Bellamy, find Arkadia abandoned whilst trying to retrieve Lincoln’s journal, which contains a map leading to Luna’s location. The masked grounder then targets Clarke’s group before attacking Clarke herself. Meanwhile, Emori arrives in Polis and reunites with Murphy, who updates her on the situation with Ontari.

The episode begins with Miller, Harper and Bryan alone in a cave waiting for the others to come into contact with them, which Bryan later states is in “six hours”. While they wait, Miller decides to tell them both a ghost story: Not so long after Unity Day, there was a massacre on Alpha Station. People started losing their minds after they found out they would never be on the ground again. Bryan, who absolutely hates ghost stories, tells them that he needs to sleep so he can be ready for when the others come back. But Miller still decides to continue with the story despite his boyfriend’s wishes. A Brazilian named Captain Fidalgo had started to see his wife and kids, who were all killed by the bombs in his dreams. Going to see the ship’s doctor, he shared with him that they appeared to look like demons. After a while, he started to see them “outside of his dreams.” The Captain had begged them to stop haunting them, but the demons told him that the only way to stop them as if he did something for them…kill. He took his weapon of choice, a metal hook and murdered eleven people, gutting them with the hook and stringing them up in the mess hall. When the guards found him, he was cut up into pieces. Using his own blood with the one arm that wasn’t severed, Fidalgo wrote “demons”. Harper and Miller exchange looks as Bryan mutters “…I hate you.” and covers his ears. Miller asks Harper if she remembers the scraping noise that sometimes occurs on Alpha Station. Rumor has it that the noise is the metal hook getting dragged by Fidalgo along the walls, talking to the demons, telling them to stop. Miller states that Fidalgo is “…back looking for his next victim!”, creeping up on Bryan, Miller succeeds in scaring him. Telling them to listen out for the hook, Miller goes outside into the storm as “nature calls”. Comforting Bryan, Harper tells him that there is nothing to worry about and that there are no demons out there. As Miller leaves the cave, a grunting noise outside. Looking at the entrance of the cave, Harper and Bryan exchange looks and Harper tells him to go look. “Kick my boyfriend’s ass.” Bryan stands up, grabs his gun and walks outside where there is another sound. Harper hesitates between being scared or yelling at them for playing a prank on her. Edging towards the entrance of the cave, she starts to panic yelling at them to stop and “Come back now”. Becoming even more terrified, she begins to look around and puts down her weapon, seeing that the coast is clear. Behind her, a dark figure creeps up on her, with a mask resembling a grounder and Harper screams, thus the opening sequence begins

The next scene is set In Polis, Ontari is walking through the town as the new Heda, followed by Murphy, being offered different types of stock belonging to her followers. As Heda continues walking, Murphy is met with a familiar face “Hey stranger, care for a bite?”, It’s Emori. She tells him that she has been looking for him and when she heard of a “handsome Skaikru flame keeper”, she knew it had to be him. Noticing that Murphy has vanished, Ontari comes back to retrieve him. Murphy reacts quickly by pretending to eat some rat that Emori is cooking. Ontari tells him not to fall behind again, as she leaves, Murphy tells Emori to “keep following this street, alley on the left, black door halfway down. I’ll get away as soon as I can.” before wandering over to Ontari.

Clarke and her group, which consists of Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Sinclair, and Bellamy, are on their way to Arkadia in the rover. Raven is looking through Becca’s journal and is amazed at all of her notes. She discovered that at twenty-six, Becca “…found a pathway to access a human mind. That same year, she had to lock up Alie because her answer for what was wrong with the word was, too many people…she was twenty-seven when it launched the bombs”. Clarke interrupts and asks if Becca had written anything about the flame, to which Raven replies by mentioning that she invented Alie 2.0, not for the reason to access the brain but to “merge with one”. Clarke mentions that Luna has nightblood, they need to find her for that reason. Bellamy radios the others back at the cave but all that he hears is static, Jasper states the sound as a “good start”.

Arriving at Arkadia, after being away for two days Clarke notices that no one has bothered to fix the gate. It is probably due to the reason that “there’s no one here”. The “ghost town” looks like a creepy western town. They all continue but stop dead in their tracks when they spot blood on the floor, Lincoln’s. Octavia, clearly shaken by the blood, tells them they have to go and find his journal. Leading the rover into the ship, Bellamy orders them to grab as many things as they can fit and put them all in the rover while Octavia and Jasper receive the map.

Octavia and Jasper enter Lincoln’s, picks up his jacket and weeps into it, smelling it in the process. She starts to break down and starts trashing the room, Jasper tells her it is okay to fall apart, she did love him after all. Octavia doesn’t agree “a warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over”. Not knowing what to say, Jasper leaves to walk back to the mess hall while Octavia searches for the journal. She finds it in a box filled with Lincoln’s belongings, looking through it she finds a map that will lead them to Luna. “Luna, we’re on our way.”, she turns to leave and Jasper returns with blood on his head. “Grounders…” Jasper stumbles and then collapses on the floor, unconscious. The masked man barges into the room and lunges at Octavia, grabbing her violently by the neck.

We arrive back at Polis, where Murphy meets up with Emori at the agreed place. She rests her head on his shoulder, she says if he is “ready to prove how much [he] missed [her]”. They both enter the flame keeper’s sanctuary, kissing one another until Emori pulls away and admires the room. She stares at a banner with the phrase “seek higher things” emblazoned on it. They continue to get intimate and begin to undress.

Back at Arkadia, Bellamy is collecting some more ammo from the weapons that are left. He radios the others telling them to meet him “at the armory”. Meanwhile, Raven asks Clarke if she will leave ALIE 2. When Clarke asks why she replies saying that she might know how to activate it. She talks about how there is a section in Becca’s journal that codes for activation, by using “a spoken passphrase”. They begin to think about possible phrases and in the end, they find out that since Becca’s journal mentions a verbal passphrase that Lexa probably knew. Clarke, Monty, and Sinclair start guessing what it might be. It turns out to be “seek higher things,” which is the phrase that is on the cover of Becca’s journal. They manage to activate it, Raven, fascinated by it, leans in. Pulling Raven away from the AI, Clarke states that when “someone without the blood takes the flame, the flame takes their life”. Clarke and Monty set off to go and see Bellamy, while Raven and Sinclair stay behind.

Clarke and Monty make their way to meet up with Bellamy, stating that once they find Luna, the whole AI situation will be over. Monty questions her statement “If we shut down Alie, What happens to the City of Light?”. If destroying Alie works, then all the people that are under Alie’s control will be set free but, the people who have been killed outside The City of Light won’t. Slowly, they continue to walk down the hallway where they hear faint music. The music ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’ is being played, stating that “following the creepy music is a bad idea, Monty and Clarke walk towards the music. As they both walk towards the music, they notice it is coming from a music box. The music slows down as they edge closer to the box, Clarke bends down and picks up the box, looking at the bottom. Written on the bottom of the music box is the name “Aaron”. All of a sudden, a smoke bomb is thrown and red coloured smoke fills the room. Whilst Monty and Clarke fall to the ground, the masked grounder that attacked the others appears. He is wearing a gas mask as he walks towards them both but focusing on Clarke, bending down. Clarke pretends to faint and as the grounder edges closer, she grabs him and pulls off his mask, revealing him to be Emmerson. Clarke manages to kick him, making him fall and after she runs away, he gets up.

Bellamy is waiting for them to meet him but instead, he is greeted by an out of breath Clarke. She falls into his arms and continues to cough uncontrollably, she looks up at him and just says “Emerson”.

Back in Polis, Murphy and Emori are still in the sanctuary, dressing. Murphy tells Emori that she has to leave as Polis is not safe for her. Ensuring him that she can, in fact, look after herself, she continues to look around at the sanctuary. He tells her everything he knows about Ontari, that she isn’t, in fact, the commander and that he’s only alive because he said he could make her the commander. He talks about how he witnessed the “computer chip” come out of the last commander, making everyone think it is reincarnation. Still a bit confused, Emori wonders what he does for her to which he indicates that he is being used for ‘fun’. They are both interrupted by a knock at the door, telling her to hide, Murphy answers. One of Ontari’s followers, tells him that she needs to see him. As he leaves, Emori comes out of hiding. Handing him his jacket, she lets him leave. He gives her one last kiss on the cheek and leaves to go to Ontari, leaving Emori in the sanctuary.

Back at Arkadia, Clarke shows Bellamy where she last saw the music box and Monty but as they near the location, they are both gone. Stating that Emmerson must have taken Monty, she begins to wonder why he would. Bellamy radios back with Octavia and Jasper, only to find get feedback. Clarke begins to panic saying that it is her fault for letting Emmerson live. They radio back with Sinclair and Raven, stating that they should lock down the locker bay that they are currently in. As soon as they start doing so the lights go out, indicating that Emmerson is already in. Bellamy and Clarke rush to go help them but are unable to get in, Raven goes into a rover to escape. When the bay doors, Sinclair has been wounded and is covered in blood. Raven runs over to aid him but is then taken away by Emmerson, leaving Sinclair to die.

Clarke and Bellamy manage to get into the bay, only to find Sinclair on the floor and Raven missing. Clarke, realising that in every attack that she has witnessed, the bodies must be taken and must be alive. She begins to radio Emmerson where he mentions that she must come to the hanger bay alone, with no weapons. Bellamy refuses to let her go on her own, Clarke claims it is her fault for letting Emmerson live and instead of killing him when she had the chance. Bellamy makes it clear that he thinks her plan is stupid and offers a better plan, to hide and shoot Emmerson whilst she distracts him.

Back at Polis; Ontari, along with her followers including Murphy, is holding a court meeting where she is granting her followers one wish. As one follower steps forward, the voice is familiar to Murphy and lone and behold, it’s Jaha. He tells her that he can indeed make her a real commander, not a false one as she is now. As it turns out, Emori was working for Jaha this entire episode and has been chipped before meeting up with Murphy. Ontari is not happy that Murphy has betrayed her and threatens to kill him. But Jaha knows it won’t do her any good, so Ontari has Murphy arrested. When is Murphy escorted out of the room, Jaha offers her a chip.

Set a couple of hours later, I think, Lincoln gets his proper Grounder funeral. Octavia has been showing this tough guy image throughout the episode and this is her time to get emotional. She cries over Lincoln’s dead body but after almost a full minute of grief, she is back to her normal self and telling the others they all have get back to work. Raven and Monty decide to stay behind and find a backdoor into ALIE via the Ark mainframe with Miller, Bryan, and Harper also staying to protect them, while Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper, and Octavia head off to go and find Luna.

The last scene is back in Polis, Emori enters the throne room. Jaha and Ontari are on each side of an empty throne and Emori informs them that the gates to Polis are open. The camera slides, and we see ALIE on the throne, announcing that the time has come to fill the City of Light.


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