Hollyoaks Spoilers 29/01/18-02/02/18

These are spoilers for Hollyoaks, posted by Daniel Kilkelly on Digital Spy.

Airing First Look episodes on E4


Monday 29th January 2018

  • Cindy can’t wait to tell Dirk that she’s moved on, but pales when she finds out that Glenn is Grace’s boyfriend.
  • Meanwhile, Cindy offers to help Alfie raise money for the cancer ward but lets him down. Milo steps in and gives Cindy the credit for his fundraising idea.
    Elsewhere, Misbah questions where Imran got his new bike from and is furious that he sold her necklace. She steals the bike from outside Price Slice and tells Imran that he’ll get it back when he pays it off.
  • Also today, Damon is unsure of whether to give his dad another chance.

Tuesday 30th January 2018

  • Tegan is still in a coma, but Leela thinks there was more to the night they found her. Leela and Kim go to Ryan’s flat and they find Tegan’s phone with a long voicemail that Tegan left Kim on the day she was attacked. Leela urges Kim to get her phone fixed, unaware it contains Ryan’s confession.
  • Later, Ryan and Ste sleep together again and wonder whether their relationship could be more than sex.
  • Meanwhile, Milo helps Alfie with a fundraising idea in memory of Jade. He gives Cindy, Holly, Tom and Alfie one of the fundraising bracelets each.
  • Elsewhere, Sami and Ellie decide to give their romance another go.

Wednesday 31st January 2018

  • Ryan panics when Leela tells him about the voicemail. He convinces Ste to get the phone from The Emporium, but Kim catches him.
  • Later, Ryan goes to get the phone himself, but when he arrives at the Maaliks’, he discovers that Kim has already listened to the message and knows that he killed Amy.
  • Meanwhile, Peri continues to lie about being pregnant and stands firm that she’s not moving back home with Leela. Leela sets it up so Peri catches Lily and Prince together, but Peri fakes stomach pain and Prince demands that she have a scan.
  • Elsewhere, Farrah picks up on the atmosphere between Kim and Sami when they argue about Ellie. She asks Kim whether there’s something going on with them. Kim denies it, but can’t tell Farrah the truth about Sami’s vendetta against James.

Thursday 1st February 2018

  • Sami protects his own secret and lies to Farrah that Kim was seeing someone else.
  • Meanwhile, Marnie is flirting with Buster when Sally and Myra arrive at The Dog to arrange Bart’s wake. Sally tells Marnie about her hopes for her and Myra’s future together.
  • Elsewhere, Peri plans to use one of her old ultrasound photos to fool Prince and later lies to her mum that Tegan has woken up after she lied about Prince and Lily. Prince is elated when Peri shows him the fake photo, just as Goldie returns!

Friday 2nd February 2018

  • Goldie is furious at the mess that Prince and Peri have got themselves into and puts them in charge of babysitting Carmina for the day as a test.
  • Leela tries to drag Peri home but accidentally pulls her over. Peri uses this as an excuse to say she’s lost the baby.
  • Meanwhile, Farrah wants answers about Kim.
  • Elsewhere, Jesse is panicking about his court date for smuggling drugs into the country, but Goldie’s arrival puts a smile on his face. He’s disappointed when he thinks she’s using him for money, but Adam convinces him to follow his feelings. He later suggests to Goldie that they should go on the run together.

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