Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

As an avid lover of all things TV, I  have accumulated a list of TV show ships that I enjoy. This list isn’t my official top ten, it’s only for the reason of them making me fall completely in love with the show. If you read this and have the same favourite ships as me, feel free to contact me for the reason you love them. If you do so, you might be featured in another post later this year.

The definition of shipping according to

“Derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, would be interesting or believable (or are, or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction.”


#10. Hollyoaks: Ste and Harry

I have a been a fan of Hollyoaks for over a year now and it is one of my favourite soap operas, along with Neighbours and Emmerdale. Thanks to a number of various streaming networks like Dailymotion, I have been able to watch episodes from 2015 and that is the year when Harry Thompson, played by Parry Glasspool, arrived in Hollyoaks.

Even though I don’t ship them as much as I used to, they are still one of my favourites.



#9. Detective Conan: Harley Hartwell and Kazuha Toyama

Harley is a high school detective and Kazuha is his childhood friend, the daughter of a Commissioner from the Osaka Police Department. Their relationship exactly mirrors Rachael Moore and Jimmy Kudo: they are too shy to admit that they feel more than friendship.

I love the plot point of two childhood friends becoming an item, just as they realise their attraction to one another. It is quite a fun concept to watch.



#8. Will and Grace: Will and Vince

Will and Vince first met when Will is teaching Karen how to drive and gets pulled over for speeding. Will notices that Vince forgot to sign the ticket and takes the matter to court in revenge for being rude to them. However, soon after finding out each other’s names, they realize that their friends Joe and Larry have been trying to set them up for months so Karen drops the case. The two started going out but the relationship gets awry as Vince gets fired from the force and suffers a breakdown. They decide to take a break for Vince to get his life back together.

I started watching Will and Grace early last year when I found out it was getting a revival and wanted to watch it. But I had to see if I enjoyed the show, so I bought the series and fell in in love with the show.

#7. Neighbours: Aaron and David

Early 2017, I have been shipping Aaron and David, ever since David came out.  This was the beginning of months of rooting for a romance between Aaron and David and they finally kissed on July 27th, 2017. Sadly it all came to an end this year after an ex-flame of Aaron, Rory, arrives in Erinsborough. Aaron keeps quiet about the history that they share and wants him to do the same. Aaron and David broke up when David eventually found out.

Even though it has been a bad start to the year for these two, surely that doesn’t mean that the year can’t be a bad end for them.



#6. X-men Evolution: Lance and Kitty

These two characters met in the episode X Impulse when Lance Alvers spray paints the lockers and Kitty accidentally phases through and slams into him, after being shoved into her locker. It wasn’t until season two that you could see that Lance had an interest in Kitty. In the first episode of season two, Lance makes several attempts to impress Kitty by causing earthquakes during a school assembly. They later become close friends and during this time, the two start dating, in spite of their friend’s protests.

There were many obstacles in the way of their relationship, Lance being on one side and Kitty being on the other. This is one of the reasons I love them both together. Lance is described as  “a grungy, hot-headed and rebellious loner”, while Kitty is described as “a young, sweet, upbeat, cheerful and optimistic teenage girl”.  It is a perfect example of opposites attract scenario. 

#5. The Legend of Korra: Bolin and Opal

Bolin first met Opal when he was visiting Zaofu along with the rest of Team Avatar. When they met for the first time, it became clear that the two shared a mutual interest in each other. Bolin and Opal started to date at some point over the next three years. However, when Bolin joined with Kuvira and became an Earth Empire soldier in season four. The long distance and the fact that Opal did not appreciate Kuvira it put a huge strain on their relationship. Much to my delight, Bolin was forgiven by Opal with a kiss on the cheek after he helped save her family.

These two make my heart flutter every time they are on screen together, as they are my favourite couple in the entire show. I did, however, had mixed feelings to begin with but they are now indeed: Endgame.

#4. Glee: Kurt and Blaine

They met in the season two, episode Never Been Kissed, when Kurt attempts to spy on the Warblers, and immediately become friends. They begin dating in Original Song, after Blaine kisses Kurt and in season three, Blaine transfers to McKinley to be with Kurt. Sadly, they broke up at the beginning of season four when Blaine cheated on Kurt. As the season progresses, it is clear that they still love each other a lot. and in the last two episodes, Blaine plans to propose to Kurt. Season five began on a happy note with Blaine eventually proposing and Kurt saying yes. After breaking up prior to season six, they spontaneously get married in a double-ceremony with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez at the end of the final season.

Blaine and Kurt are one of the best ships out there, with many Gleeks, including me, shipping them as Klaine.

#3. Pretty Little Liars: Caleb and Hanna

Hanna had been secretly housing Caleb in her basement, not even her mother Ashely knew. Hanna does admit to having Caleb over a couple of times for dinner, but even that bothers Ashley, as she doesn’t completely trust Caleb. As an on-off again relationship, in my mind, I didn’t think they would be together at the end of the series but I was wrong(thankfully) and the pair got married in one of the final episodes of season seven.

I began watching this show a couple of weeks after the first episode aired and since the beginning, Hanna became my favourite character. When Caleb was introduced, I wasn’t so keen on him but my love grew for him as the series progressed.


#2. Emmerdale: Aaron and Robert

Robert returned to Emmerdale on 23rd October 2014 with his fiancée Chrissie White and her family (father Lawrence and son Lachlan). After Robert finds out that Aaron is gay, he tries to reconnect with him after the raid. One day, he claims to have broken down and calls for Aaron to help. Just when Aaron’s about to leave after he found out that there’s nothing wrong the car, Robert makes a move on Aaron and the pair passionately kiss, but Robert pulls away before things can go any further. Later that day, they meet at the garage and Robert apologises for pulling away earlier and they have sex for the first time, marking the beginning of their affair. Fast forward four years and to cut a long story short, they became a couple, became fiancés but have now broken up.

There are so many things I need to say about these two and that is why I am creating a post next week all about Aaron and Robert, coming next week.

#1. Holby City: Dom and Lofty.

After Lofty’s confession to Sasha about him jilting his ex-fiancée at the altar because he was in love with her brother, I had hopes that he would find a perfect partner and be happy. This storyline was the main reason for me to begin watching Holby City, that and the fact that I have been a huge fan of Lee Mead, who plays Lofty. From the moment it was clear that Dom and Lofty did have feelings for each other, I was shipping them so hard.

After hearing about what Kate Oakes, series producer of Holby City, she explained: “There’s a slow-burning love story with Dominic and Lofty. It’s gorgeous, measured, not rushed and it’s respectful of the fact that Dominic has been so badly damaged by Isaac.” “It’s a story about resilience and kindness from Lofty towards Dom.”.

I have high hope that the two get together.

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