Happy Birthday Dan Howell!

Happy 27th Birthday to Mr Dan Howell.

My obsession with the Youtuber started back in 2012, when a friend introduced me to a collaboration video. Now in 2018, I have seen him and Phil on both of their tours and in the future, going to meet and greets. Words can’t describe how much he means to me, he has helped me in more ways than one with his videos. He has shown me to believe in myself and see what I can become. You know when someone is special when they affect your life even if you haven’t met them. I owe a lot to Dan and in honour of his birthday, I have donated £10 to the charity Young Minds.

Young Minds is a charity that Dan has become an ambassador earlier this year, they are committed to improving the mental health of children and young people. For their 25th anniversary, they are trying to raise £2.5 million. There are many ways to donate and help them reach their target, just go to their website and donate online or:

Screenshot (16)
Screencap from Young Minds Website


Once again, I hope Dan has an amazing birthday fans like me need to get donating in honour of his birthday and help make sure that Young Minds reach their target by the end of the year.
This post is the beginning of many more to come based on donating and in the future, you will see that I am indeed getting involved.


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