Voltron: Legendary Defender- S06E01 Review.

Omega Shield

Directed By: Chris Palmer

Written By: Mitch Iverson

“An attack by Sendak prompts the Paladins to scramble to a planets defense. Lotor calls on Allura for help in assembling a powerful ship”

With the past seasons full of character developments, there is one character which hasn’t had their moment to shine as much as the others. If you are a Hunk fan, then this episode is for you, where he finally gets to prove himself to the rest of the team.

Starting from where season five left us, the team and Lotor are starting to work together to bring peace to the entire universe. When at a briefing led by Lotor, it is revealed that some of the Galra forces have left to join other fractions, and this is including Sendak’s. Sendak’s fraction, “The Fire of Purification” has claimed the most deserters.

Hunk has a few moments to shine in this episode and show us what a great engineer he truly is. When arriving with Lotor at the Galra base, they are met by a woman from Lotor’s past. As it turns out, the woman is called Dayak and she raised Lotor. She taught him the history of the Galra and this sparks interest in Hunk. He decides to become Dayak’s short time student and learn the Galra customs, as they will be working with the Galra.

Unfortunately, his training is cut short as he then has to go and help the team as one of the labour planets is under attack. Sendak has fired his ion cannon at the planets shield system, breaking apart its plates. The team must work together to put the plates back together and reboot the generator.

While Lance, Allura, and Hunk try to refuse the plates, Pidge and Shiro try to repower the system by using Shiro’s arm. They both manage to succeed in their tasks, but it goes without saying, there were some problems. We all know that something is wrong with Shiro and that Haggar is somewhat responsible. It is unclear as to what is happening to Shiro but as the season goes on, we will hopefully know more.

By the end of the episode, Hunk has proved that he is a skilled engineer and a great contribution to the team.

If you are indeed an Allurance shipper, or even a fan of the two characters in general, there is a moment that can result in tears. As a huge Lance fan, the moment made my heart broke and made me love Allura even more.

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