MCM Scotland Comic Con

MCM Scotland Comic Con is vastly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited to go.

It was an impulse decision to go as I was super excited that Jeremy Shada, one of my favourite voice over artists, was attending the event over the weekend. This the first time I have been to the Scotland Comic Con as I have been going to the October Comic-Con for the past couple of years with my two good friends.

The first time I attended a Comic-Con was back in May 2014, where I went to meet my biggest inspiration Greg Cipes. Cipes voices characters from well-known shows such as Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 and Beast Boy in Teen Titans. Back then I was super nervous, and I remember having loads of things to tell him, but I didn’t say a thing and I regret it. Four years on, I have become more confident around other people and had a lengthy conversation with Tomska at last October’s Comic Con. The idea is just to be yourself and just talk to them, just remember that they are only human.

I can only imagine that the Scotland Comic Con will be a little bit better but of course, you never know until you go.

MCM Scotland Comic Con is one of the UK’s biggest pop culture events based at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow on 22nd-23rd September 2018.

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