Soap Opera Characters

This is the first in a series of posts about my top five favourite things, that I will be posting every other Friday, and these may vary from favourite animals to favourite quotes.

Since 2016, I have watched and been a lover of the soap Hollyoaks. It wasn’t under the best circumstances that made me fall in love with the show, but it has helped me a lot over the past two years. Not only that I watch the British Soaps, and the Australian ones that air in the UK, I also enjoy the American ones.

To make sure I knew what happened in the past few years, I have watched the main past episodes and now have an understanding the past and current storylines.

After an eventful Storm Week in Hollyoaks, when one of my favourite characters died in Storm Belinda. I have decided to write down my favourite characters, so this is where my top five post come in.

In this top five soap opera characters, it will also be in the order of my top five Soap Operas.


Maxine Miniver

James Nightingale

Mercedes McQueen

Harry Thompson

Jesse Donovan



Piper Willis

David Tanaka

Elly Conway

Aaron Brennan

Leo Tanaka



Aaron Dingle

Vanessa Woodfield

Robert Sugden

Matty Barton

Kerry Wyatt


Home and Away

Brody Morgan

Ryder Jackson

Roo Stewart

Jasmine Delaney

Ben Astoni


Days of Our Lives

Brady Black

Sonny Kiriakis

Rafe Hernandez

Will Horton

Tripp Johnson

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