Credit: wattpad.com

Wattpad is a website that is used for writers around the world to publish their very own stories, or even translate books but only with the author’s permission. I have used this website before but only as a viewer and I have read some amazing stories. At the end bottom I will put a list of the stories that I have read over the years and hope you get a chance to read them.

For a few years now, I have been wanting to write a story that I have had a plot for since Secondary school. Now I have finally found the time to write my story and post it on wattpad. It is called:

The Shadow’s Gambit.

The plot centers around two very different people but are more alike than we know?

Special Abilities. Human Experiments. No Way Out.

Cleo is supposed to have a perfect life. She loves her job, friends and family but someone in her life is missing.

Her father left when she was five and fourteen years later he has come back but he is not the same person. And when he disappears again so do several of her friends.

Russo has been an orphan since the age of eight. His only friend is missing.

Cleo and Russo are total opposites but they must somehow come together and try to find their friends and family.

They both have secrets. Could these secrets help them find what they are looking for? 

Stories/Translations on Wattpad that I have read or currently reading.

Note: I have added the link to the story at the bottom of the pictures. All credit goes to the authors of these stories.