My Gear Your Gown: Final Episodes reviews

When it was announced that WeTV were collaborating with GMMTV, Thunder TV and Studio Wabi Sabi to give us three new BL series, I was extremely excited. The excitement was real and I couldn’t wait for them to be released as all three of them sounded like something I would be interested in watching. “My Gear Your Gown” was the series that GMMTV were involved with and I was conflicted with watching it when I saw the trailer. I thought I would at least give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed. I could see the protentional that the show had and with new actors that I hadn’t seen before and as a massive fan of Fiat Pattadon, I knew they would all come through.

With the first episode released in mid September on GMMTV’s YouTube channel, I watched it and I enjoyed it but it usually takes me two or three episodes of any show to grab my attention. This series was definitely the one that I knew would take time for me to like but I was hooked during episode two. Now the series is close to ending, I have decided to post short reviews and my thoughts on the last couple of episodes, starting with episode ten.

I will be posting my review of episode ten soon and will continue with the final two episodes after.

What do you think of the show My Gear Your Gown? Do you enjoy it?

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