My Thoughts On Upcoming Series: Manner Of Death

*All images and videos featured belong to their rightful owners*

Our BL kings Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn will be back on our screens at the end of November for their new series “Manner of Death”, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been a fan of Max and Tul for over a year now and I am so happy that they came into my life. As the release date gets nearer, I can’t contain my excitement and I just want it to be here now.

“Manner of Death” is based on author Sammon’s novel of the same name and I am currently reading it on Meb. As a fan of mystery novels and shows, I am really enjoying the novel and will hopefully finish it before the series airs.

I am currently enjoying the novel and as I get further into the it, I am also trying very hard to think about what the truth is and that is what I love about this genre. Over the years I have read many books that contain a mystery that as a reader, you can find out the truth along with the characters.

I’m reading the novel at any chance I get and hopefully will be finished before the series starts. I am a very active reader and determined to finish it in the time I have. I am really excited to see Max and Tul bring the characters of Tan and Bunn to life and I am certain they will not disappoint.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been treated to many different types of teasers including a twelve second video, promo pictures and an official trailer.

Who knew that these twelve seconds would be so good? While looking at all the comments that people on Twitter, you can tell that there are plenty of others that feel the same.

When we first introduced to the cast, they were shown on a livestream with the hashtag #Mannerofdeath1stMEET. Here we found out who was going to play who and I was happy to see MD Nutthapong in the mix.

The official trailer is due to be released tomorrow 6:00pm (BKK) and I am going to be writing about it in my next post.

Good luck to all the cast and crew who have worked on this series. I am sure the feedback will be good for this series and it will be one of the best.

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