#GMMTV2021: The New Decade Begins- Thoughts.

It’s that time of the year again. GMMTV have announced their new shows for the new year and I am extremely happy to say that there are so many on on this list that I will definitely watch. Amongst many new series that are set to air, there are some that couldn’t be aired this year because of Covid and that includes “Tale of a Thousand Stars”. All of the projects that were announced today are the ones that are allowed to be shown. Which means that there are a lot more projects coming but they are just under development.

While watching the livestream on YouTube, I was writing down my feelings and my opinion on the teaser trailers that were released.

*Note: these are my opinions on the upcoming series that GMMTV announced*

48 Day- I’ll Destroy The Wedding.

The whole concept of this series looks fun and crazy, and I love that in a show. As the cast were being shown, it was a turning point in my decision to watch it. Mike is one of my favourite actors from GMMTV and I am really happy to see him, along with Off, Wild, P’Jennie and one of my newest favourites: Baifern.

An Eye For An Eye

I love Ohm and have loved everything he has been in since I was first introduced to him in late 2019. There are a few things that I can’t get my head around but I will be giving it a go and hopefully it go beyond my expectations.

Drag, I Love You

Joss and Namtan. Need I say more. I absolutely love these two and to see them feature in a series again makes me very happy. The rest of the cast makes me giddy with excitement and I am actually looking forward to watching this series.

Fish Upon The Sky

This is the first BL series that was announced today and it looks really good and cute, and I am really excited to see what this show offers. Based on the novel by author JittiRain, who also wrote “2gether” and “Theory of Love”, the story seems to be a fun one, as two guys fight over the same person, but ultimately fall in love with each other. This is a concept that I really like and as I loved the other adaptations of JittiRain’s novels, I have high expectations.

Mama Gogo

Where to begin. This series looks like so much fun and I love it. There are so many actors that I love including my birthday twin Drake. I love the fact that each character has their own job/interest and the fact that I love every single actor, makes me hopeful. Also the sex appeal in the teaser is making me all shook and I can’t wait to see all the boys bust a move. I also can’t leave without saying how much I am loving Lee lately and I can’t wait for his role in this series.

Mr. Lipstick

This one looks crazy and over the top. Sometimes that type of genre can ruin a show but on occasion can make a series. I will give this one a go as I did see a small part that featured Fiat and I have been obsessed with him lately. Hopefully the series will do better than what I think it will.

55:15 Never Too Late

While watching this teaser trailer, I was speechless and I usually make a lot of squeals when I am watching trailers. This is one of the series that I am the most excited for and I think that is because of concept of the series, as well as the actors. The plot of this series reminds me of the movie “17 again” featuring Zac Efron and I am definitely going to watch it. I was first introduced to Khaotung in “Blacklist” and I absolutely love his acting skills, and the fact that he is in this series, makes me very happy.

Step Darling

Another series featuring Joss. I went through many emotions while watching this trailer but I am not quite sure on this one. I love the fact that Luke and Joss are together in another series but I don’t think I will be watching this one. I do have a rule though that I will watch a show and if it doesn’t grab my attention in the first two to four episodes, I stop watching it. Hopefully my opinion changes and I will give the series a go.

Baker Boys

Any series with Singto, is a must watch for me. I was smiling all the way through the beginning of this trailer as the characters were being introduced but all of a sudden, things took a dark turn. This series is based on the comic “Antique Bakery”. The series looks really good and there are many elements that I like and I can’t wait to watch it. “The bakery cafe where the men are sweeter than it’s cake” is a quote that made me smile and giggle, which means…this series might be the one for me.


A BL based on the French language and a possible friends to lovers trope? I feel like this should be good. As someone who loves the French culture and has friends who live there, I think that I might really like this series. I am hoping that the French punctuation in this series is up to par and that the series won’t be offensive to people.

The War of Flower

Fiat looks so good in a suit. The cast includes older actors and I am loving it and the fact that we are getting more experienced actors this year, makes me very excited. I hope this series is good and will make me look forward to it every week.

Bad Buddy Series

This is in my top five series that were released today and the BL that I am the most excited for, mainly because of the cast. The fact that we are getting a romance between one of my many ghostships, Ohm and Nanon, makes me scream at the top of my lungs. With Drake also starring in this series, means I will definitely be watching this.


This might be one of the series that I am the least excited about. But I do like the way the trailer is showing us the many themes in this series.

The Player

Another series with Joss and Namtam? Chimon? Foei and Mek? And Tay as a detective? Yes please. Words can’t describe how excited I am about this series. As a huge fan of murder mysteries, I am really looking forward to this one. “Detective Conan” is one of my favourite manga and this series also has a mystery-thriller vibe, meaning this is a series that had elements that I love. I am extremely over the moon with this genre and the large cast makes me very happy, and the unexpected ships that are included make this series a must watch for me.

Not Me

I could feel the screams of fans across the world when this series’ trailer was being shown. We finally have another BL with OffGun as the ship and this series looks amazing. There are many other actors that I like and I’m sure they will bring something great to the series.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

This series was teased to use a couple of months back and for some reason, many people weren’t keen on it. I on the other hand, will be watching this as it does look like a series that I might enjoy. Bright and Win are one of the reasons why I am very excited to watch this series and even though they will not be a couple, I can tell that they will make the series more enjoyable for me. The rest of the cast also look great and I am certain I will end up loving them all.

At the end of the livestream we were treated to a teaser of an upcoming fan meet named Love Out Loud Fan Fest 2021.

I am hoping that as international fans we will get a livestream, as I am sure that many fans will want to watch this.

Most of the series that have been announced today seem to be more mature and feature more of the senior actors. I can tell that next year will be a good one and that GMMTV will be giving us many amazing shows. I might write reviews or summaries for every show mentioned here, but I will have to see what happens, as I have a lot planned next year.

Which of the shows that were announced were your favourites? Will you watch them and if so, which ones?

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