Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area- Episode Three

It’s finally the weekend and after a busy week, I could finally sit down and watch the latest episode of Friend Zone 2. I usually watch the episode when it is premiering on the GMMTV YouTube, but this week I had plans at the time it was on and had to watch it later on in the evening. This week there were only a couple of flashback scenes and I felt like I could really focus on the episode, and not worry about what was present or what was in the past.

The first flashback we are shown begins with Earth helping Boom move into her new dormitory and shows us how they first became a couple. After the kiss and confession to Earth at the club, Boom tells him that she was drunk but meant everything she said to him. We all knew that Boom and Earth did date but I was surprised when it was Earth who popped the question. After a sweet little kiss, they are officially a couple and I have to admit it was a cute little scene. This flashback shows us how Boom and Tor first met. At the beginning of the first series, I did have a soft spot for Tor and even though he was not the best of men, I was happy when he and Boom got back together.

As I said before, Tor is not always the best of people but I cannot help love him. Boom is still continuing her modelling jobs and is on a job in the next bit of the episode. While working, Boom is offered an entertainer job but she does seem reluctant to accept the offer. After a brief but heated conversation about taking the job with Tor, it seems that Boom has a very careful decision to make.

The next flashback includes a fight between Earth and Stud, when they start to argue about the kiss that had and how Earth is now dating Boom. Earth does make a valid point that whoever he likes is his business and that it isn’t up to Stud to tell him who he likes and what he does with his life. The fight however escalates and Earth ends up banging his head on an open locker door. Bew rushes over, after overhearing the whole, to help Earth and take him to the doctor. The doctor, as you can guess, is none other than Sam. Whilst his wound is getting examined and cleaned, Sam tells Earth that you shouldn’t “use violence to solve problems”. Now I’m not going to lie, but I let out a little scream at Arm when he popped into the room with a bag full of food. I wasn’t expecting to his character Pop until next week as he wasn’t shown in the spot teaser. After getting his wound stitched, Bew tells Earth that she overheard the argument between him and Stud. She promises him that she will not tell anyone, but I have a feeling she will use it against him in the near future.

Back in the present we are back at the gym with Earth, Ton, Sam and later, Stud. Last episode I talked about Ton and my theory on what his characters role in the series is and this episode hasn’t changed my opinion on him or my theory. Tensions begin to rise when Stud enters the room, understandably Earth is not happy to see him at the gym and after he leaves the room with Sam they have a heated conversation. Stud is then left alone with Ton who tells him that he can tell that they are the same, they both seem to like sleeping around with people’s boyfriends. Ton states that it is because “life needs excitement”, although I am pretty sure there are better ways to do that.

In my view, I think that Earth is starting to doubt himself as to whether he did the right thing to get back with Sam, or if he just an idiot for going back to him. Just seeing Stud is bringing up the fact that he cannot forget about what Sam did and that he just cannot forget about it and of course Ton is over hearing their conversation. Sam asks Earth to put his trust in him but I have to say that yes, you need trust in a relationship but there are other people to put your trust in. Someone who would never betray you by sleeping with someone else, or anything else that can take away the feeling of trust.

The first time we see Boyo and Good in this episode, we see Good in a restaurant waiting for Boyo. A couple of girls are eying him up and eventually, one of the girls goes up to him and asks him for his Line ID. I like Boyo and Good as a couple but there are obversously some tension between them both and I feel that Good’s heart isn’t in this relationship and will soon be forced to choose the path the relationship is needs to be on.

One of the questions at the beginning of this series was: What happened with Amm and the baby. The last time we saw her was in the first episode where she told Boyo she would be away for a few days. Our question is answered and sadly, we discover that Amm had a miscarriage. She is in deep thought when someone comes over and flirts with her, causing our new character Chris come over to save her from him by claiming that she is Amm’s partner. Chris is the character I was most excited to see as she is part of the lesbian subplot and I am also a huge fan of Apple Lapisara.

After some reassurance, Boom accepts the offer on the entertainer job but it takes the worst of turns when someone Boom is mixing drinks for drugs her. This despicable action is seen by one of the entertainers and when the drug takes its effect, the man takes her into his room. Boom’s phone is left on the sofa and when Tor calls her phone, it is picked up by the other entertainer. After finding out what happened, Tor rushes to rescue her and take her back home. Tor gets to the room in the nick of time and punches the guy, while the entertainer records the smackdown. Boom is shown the video the following day as the effect of the drug wares off and is shocked and upset about what almost happened to her.

We end the episode with yet another misunderstanding. Safe visits Boyo to basically tell her that he wants her to give him another chance and he holds one of her hands just as Good comes over to see her on a motorcycle taxi. He sees the hand holding and tells the driver to go.

Overall I enjoyed the episode but is one that won’t be considered my favourite. There was a lot of moments that I enjoyed but a couple that I didn’t. I am still liking this show but it is only the third episode. I can’t wait to see how the story of Chris and Amm turns out and hopefully end happy. But with this series, there are many more twists and turns to face.

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