Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area- Episode Four

With each passing week, this show keeps getting better and better. The people that know me, know I am a huge cry baby and will cry at emotional scenes or anything I find sad. I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I did, as I wasn’t too invested in the preview.

I am finally getting the hang of watching the flashbacks and we start off this episode with a flashback. We find out that Bew was lying about the true nature of her relationship with Safe and after finding out that Bew was in fact lying, Boyo continues to flirt with him. Safe explains to Boyo that he considers Bew his close female friend and that there is nothing going on between them. Although Bew did lie, I still feel sorry for her. I know that Boyo likes Safe but she should realise that Bew does indeed like him too and that she has had her eyes on him longer. I’m not saying that it is okay to lie but Boyo should at least let Bew know that Safe doesn’t like her in that way or Safe should at least tell her.

The love triangle of Boyo, Good and Safe is actually getting to me and it is really making me not like these characters anymore. That being said, I am excited to see where this whole storyline is going and how it will end. With Bew helping Safe get Boyo back and trying to split up Boyo and Good, I am not really bothered with who Boyo will end up with.

I have made my feelings about Sam very clear in my last reviews and this episode didn’t change my mind, in fact it made it worse. Sam and Earth are shopping and actually being all nice and lovey but that changes when Earth brings up that he is going to be meeting up with Ton. This makes Sam rather jealous and not happy at the fact that they will be hanging out, stating that they are different. Earth does come back with a quick repose that was sure to not go down well. While they continue shopping, they bump into Bew and I was actually surprised at how long it has taken for them to meet. Bew is happy to see that they are still together after all these years but as the scene goes on, and after Bew mentions Stud, Earth lies to Bew claiming that he and Stud still keep in touch but something tells me that Bew knows something is up.

I was really happy to finally see Arm’s character Pop again and even though it was another quick scene, I can’t wait to see him again in future episodes. I could not believe it when it was revealed that Pop had cheated on Sam multiple times in this scene. Sam says that he “…can’t be with someone I can’t trust”, the irony in that statement still makes me laugh. Earth put his trust in him and Sam ruined it by sleeping with one of his friends. If Sam knew what it was like to be cheated on, why did he do that to Earth? Maybe Sam just wasn’t as invested in the relationship with Pop?

Another character I love on this show is Chris played by Apple, I am really excited on how Amm and Chris’ relationship develops over the next few episodes. This scene where they talk about relationships and boys makes me love them even more. Chris was honest with her feelings on the matter and Amm made some good points to but the moment where their faces were close…I screamed.

I swear in each episode, Stud does something that just makes me facepalm and the same also goes for Ton. However I did like what Ton said to Earth and it does seem like it was something Earth really needed to hear. But I don’t like that the fact that he said he was testing him because at this point I just feel like he’s playing with Earth’s emotions. I am sure there are other ways and much kinder words to share your thoughts.

I feel that Bew is getting more and more adventurous with getting in the way of Good and Boyo’s relationship. She tells Good that she hired him was because he is in a relationship with Boyo and that he didn’t have enough working experience. Bew needs to realise that she shouldn’t just live in the past, try to become a better person and forget about the horrible times.

After the death of his mother in this episode, Stud is going to be feeling so much guilt with not seeing her when she asked him to. The regret he will be feeling won’t stop for a while as he did not pick up the phone as she was dying because he was…occupied. The moment when he is crying outside Earth’s door just shows that when something like this happens, his mind goes straight to Earth for comfort. Even though they are no longer talking, Stud’s first instincts is to see Earth. His best friend.

It’s harder to find someone who cries with you than someone who laughs. When you find “the one”, save that person the best you can.

I loved the quote they posted at the end, so I just had to put it in here.

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