My Glee Top Fours: Males

On Instagram, I have seen a trend that fellow Gleeks post their top four: males, females, friendships, crackships, canon couples and more. I have decided to do the same and put them as a post on my blog, instead of on my Instagram. Some of the posts that I have seen, included peoples top four solos, duets and group performances but I found this too hard to do. So I decided to do a few posts that will outline my favourite songs from each episodes.

For this post, I am going to be listing my favourite four male characters in all six seasons and will be writing the reasons as to why they are my favourite.


Just like Kurt and many other Gleeks, I loved Blaine the moment I saw him at the bottom of those Dalton Academy stairs. As one half of my favourite ships on the series, Blaine is introduced in a season two episode called “Never Been Kissed”, when Kurt visited the competition’s school.

Throughout the whole series, there were many Blaine scenes that I loved and could watch over and over again. But one of my favourite moments comes from season four, in the episode “Dynamic Duos” where the whole school dress up as their own superhero personas. Nightbird is Blaine’s persona and he is the leader of the Secret Society of Superheroes. As a DC fan, I really appreciated the little nod to the DC character Nightwing.


Portrayed by Harry Shum Jr, Mike Chang is the best male dancer in the Glee club and even though he was a recurring character in the first two seasons, he was my favourite character. He was promoted to the main cast in season three and that is when we saw his character develop, making him more likable.

One of my favourite musical moment is during season two, where we are introduced to Mike’s singing voice whilst in a duet competition along with Tina, his girlfriend-at-the-time. There are many things that I like about Mike which make him my favourite Glee male character and even though he doesn’t have a lot of lines, I still love him.


Noah “Puck” Puckerman started out as the stereotypical jock, who likes to bully people by throwing them in dumpsters and throwing slushies at their faces. As the series goes on, these habits do start to fade as he starts to open up to others and become friends with everyone in the glee club.

When it comes to relationships, Puck is considered as a bit of lothario and seems to stay that way until season five, when he finally becomes official with Quinn. Puck’s first solo was Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, and I consider it one of my favourite solos in the whole series, mainly because of Salling’s vocals and guitar skills.


As the quarterback of the football team, Finn was the most popular guy in school and one of the best looking, but looks aren’t the reason why I fell in love with Finn is his heart of gold. He dated head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, until he discovers that she cheated on him with Noah Puckerman, his best friend.

The late Corey Monteith was a fantastic actor and the way he portrayed Finn was one of my favourite things about the series. I only became a fan of Glee two years after it ended, meaning I wasn’t a fan when Corey sadly passed away. This also means that I didn’t feel the sense of loss that other Gleeks had when he passed away. But when I first watched the series, I started to realise how much of an inspiration Corey was and why people loved him.

Honourable Mention

Jake Puckerman

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