TharnType Season Two Trailers

I have been a fan of boys love stories for years and I love reading yaoi mangas. However, I started to watch dramas from Thailand in late 2019 and I am so happy that it came into my life. One of the very first BL dramas from Thailand that I watched was TharnType, fast forward a year and I have watched a variety of BLs but TharnType is one of my favourite dramas and I cannot wait for season two.

In early October we were shown the first of two official teaser trailers for TharnType series 2: Seven Years. Ever since they were uploaded, I could not contain my excitement and have watched them many times. With these short forty-five second videos, they pack enough in them to make you even more excited for the upcoming series.

TharnType comes out today and airs every Friday at 10:45pm (Thailand)
With reruns on LINE TV at 11:45 PM internationally.

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