My Plans for 2021- A New Year, A New Me.

A lot has happened this year and I think we can all agree that nearly all of our plans have changed. When I started my blog from scratch earlier this year, I had lots of spare time on my hands to create and post content. Sadly this year has taken a toll on me and I haven’t been able to create much content. But I am surrounded by people who have and continue to help me through these tough times, even the people that I have never met personally or at all, hold a special place in my heart and will continue to make me happy.

For this quick end of the year post, I am going to be listing and describing the main things I would like to achieve in 2021. Some of these will affect my blog and the others will be in my personal life. Hopefully most of these will be achieved but with everything that is happening in the world now, we just don’t know what will happen in the future.

These first few ‘resolutions’, are what I want to achieve in my personal life.

Learn how to play the guitar.

When I was younger I played the trombone and I did enjoy it but the price of lessons was expensive and I didn’t practice as much as I should have. But I have grown older and I want to gain more skills, one of them being able to play an instrument. I have always had an interest in the guitar and with all the series that I have been watching, a lot of the actors know how to play the guitar and wanted to see if I can teach myself how to play. As a surprise Christmas present, I was given my very own guitar as a present and I cannot wait to pick it up and start to learn how to play it.

My goal for the end of 2021, I want to have taught myself a few songs and be able to play them whenever and one day play a tune for my friends and family.

Get out more and become more active

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, getting healthier is one of the most common resolutions that many people want to achieve and this year is no different. Being in lockdown has made me extremely lazy and I have not been getting out to exercise. The North-East of England have been added to the tier 4 restrictions which means non-essential shops will have to close. Even though the gyms are closed, that doesn’t mean I can’t go out on a long walk where I live.

The goal for the next year is to also get out and go on long mindful walks. I have a keen interest in walking dogs and hopefully next year I can find a place that I can help out by walking dogs as a job or even volunteering.

Start eating healthier food by cooking more

Tied in with my last resolution, eating healthier comes can be achieved by cooking more substantial meals and using wholefood such as fruit and vegetables. I have been a vegetarian for almost nine years but a vegetarian who hates most vegetables, I am determined to cook meals using more healthier options and also hone in on my cooking skills.

I will also be cutting out carbohydrates which include bread, pasta and rice in order to try and become healthier.

Get more quality sleep and read more

My sleeping pattern has been all over the place during this lockdown and I want to change that. I will be setting myself a bedtime to try and get my nine hours sleep. Having a good night’s sleep can help you mentally and physically, so I would love to try and get my sleep patterns back to normal and hopefully feel better in my body and mind.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with the books by author Steve Cole called “Astrosaurs” and around the age of six, my Dad would read them to me every night before bed. I still have them all to this day as my dream is to read them to my children in the future. These books are amazing for people at a young age and might even spark an interest in reading whilst also relaxing them before bed.

Learn a new language

In school we were taught French and German but in the end you had to chose which one you wanted to continue to do for your GCSE exams and I chose French. Soon after finishing my exams, I stopped but I do wish I had continued learning French.

This year I would like to try and learn another language. I was torn between French and Thai, but ultimately went with Thai as I will be more infested in leaning a language that I know I will love.

Take more photographs

I love photography and taking photographs but when I was given a camera for my eighteenth birthday, I must admit that I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. I usually have my phone with me to take photos as it is a whole lot easier than carrying my camera everywhere.

I have decided that if I am planning of going out more, I will take my camera with me to capture any moments that I see. If I do, I will be posting them on my my Instagram.

I restarted this blog back in September and below are a few of my objectives that I would like to achieve in 2021. You will read about what I want to do on this blog and the type of content I am aiming to create.

Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Writing reviews and summaries on this blog was going to be a big part of creating content for my readers. But now I want to add more types of content during 2021. I have been writing scene by scene reviews on the series “Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area”. But as last year got stressful, I stopped reviewing the episodes and just enjoyed watching them.

There are a number of series that will be airing this year and some that I would love to write about. I have already created a list of shows that I would like to write reviews about, and some that I want to write summaries about.

My plan is to be posting these reviews and/or summaries two days after the episode has aired, three for series airing on Friday or Saturday.


During lockdown I have been re-watching some shows that I haven’t seen in a while and I want to share my thoughts on them. I will be listing why I have decided to relive these shows and will also share my opinions on the storylines, characters and more. The shows that I am currently re-watching, are some of my favourites and I plan to post my recommendations throughout the year.

The recommendations will include the best and worst parts of books I have read, shows I have watched and even the podcasts I listen to.

Top Fours and Rankings

A while back I noticed a trend of people on Instagram posting their top four favourite males, females characters from “Glee” including friendships, crackships, canon couples and more. So I decided to do a few posts that will outline my favourite characters, songs from each seasons or episodes.

There are many musical moments in certain shows that I love and with the Netflix series “Julie and The Phantoms”, I put the music featured in order of worst to best. So as well as ‘top fours’, I will also be ranking other things. I haven’t yet decided what I will be writing rankings for, but I have a few ideas.

I will be continuing my Glee top fours next month and drop them every month after.

Wattpad Story

For almost two years, I have been working on a novel and I am almost ready to reveal it to the internet. I will be using the website Wattpad to publish my novel but a chapter every three months and there is reason for this. As I have so much planned, I have dedicated less time into finishing my novel but I have got plans for the future of my story.

If you want to find out more about my novel, check out the page titled “My Wattpad Story” at the top of this page and hopefully you will give it a read.


All the categories above are all types of content that I have already been working on and with all the content I have planned, I can’t wait to start growing my blog.

For a few years I have been having thinking about starting a YouTube channel and haven’t even gone forward to go with the idea. But I have decided that I will go forward with a channel either this year or early next year. Once I get the equipment that I need, I will start small by posting videos on my blog with a private link. The videos that I might start posting will range from complication videos to reactions.

I have never been a gamer but I have grown up with stories of how fun they can be. There is a game that I have played before with a family member at their house but never actually owned one myself, and that is The Sims. I was interested in the Sims 4 after watching Dan and Phil play it on their gaming channel back in 2014. I was recommended to watch another YouTuber called Clare Siobhan and watching her play the Sims made me want to try it. Three years later and I am addicted. I have created a family that I will be posting about on this blog, including their backstory, future plans and more. I will basically be writing a story with the family and will post whenever there is a interesting moment.

Other content will include step-by-step guides, drawings and much more. More information will be released later in the year.

I hope you found this helpful to read and hopefully you are curious about what the year holds for my blog.

Thank you to everyone who read my blog last year.

I hope you will like what I have planned this year.


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