KinnPorsche Teaser Trailer Thoughts

The BL industry has changed over the years and this series is no exception. Instead of the typical high school drama, we get a range of mafia based series and much more.

KinnPorsche is a new series based on a hit novel of the same name, and follows the lives of  Kinn Anakinn (played by Mile Phakphum) the heir to an organized crime syndicate and Porsche Pitchaya (played by Apo Nattawin) a part-time waiter and judo champion.

Kinn hires Porsche to become his own personal bodyguard. Tensions rise and things escalate quickly when family secrets come out.

Will Kinn be man enough to drop his cold exterior and finally open up? Can Porsche be strong enough to protect his family, while realizing what he truly feels?

The video above is the official teaser for the upcoming series and is over nine minutes long, which I don’t really consider a teaser as it is that long. But that being said, the attributes like action that I enjoy is making me really excited for this series and I can’t wait until it arrives.

There is no official English translation of the novel yet but hopefully there will be on down the road. But for now, episode 0 is on its way and will be released on 16.01.2021.

I also could not leave without mentioning actors Apo and Mile and the fact that I am sure I will LOVE them both.

Are you excited for this series? And what are your thoughts about the teaser trailer.

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