missmanga’s Sims 4- Meet Lauren Sharpe.

For Pride month I thought that that I would show you the sims in my game that are part of the LGBTQ+ community and write out a profile on them, while also giving you an insight of what their story is within my game.

Lauren Sharpe was created when I wanted to make another main character for a new game. When I create sims I use the randomiser until I find a sim that I can use as a base. I do this until I have three base sims and then I decide which one I like the best. However, when I was looking at the bases, I couldn’t decide which one to go for. That is when I decided to create characters of each of the three bases and that was when ‘The Three Best Friends’ came to life.

“Before going to the same university, best friends Jaimie, Lauren and Alice first met as toddlers. Jaimie wants to be a world famous chef and open her own restaurant, while Lauren wants to be a famous actress. Alice wants to create music that all sims can enjoy. No matter what the future holds, these three best friends will always look after each others backs.”

Three Best Friends description

Lauren Anne Sharpe

Identity: Gay

Current World: Britechester

Parents: Rory and Gabrielle Sharpe

Traits: Romantic, clean and squeamish

Appearance: Long curly red hair, red crop top, black skirt and black shoes

Occupation: Currently at Foxbury University studying to be an actress

Likes: The colour red, pop music, acting and dancing

Dislikes: The colours brown and grey, any activity that requires her to get dirty like woodwork, gardening and fishing.

Growing up in Del Sol Valley, Lauren, Mother Gabrielle and Father Rory, lived in a tiny home with absolutely no room. That is when she decided from a young age that as soon as she was old enough to leave home, and sometime earn enough money to give her parents the home that they have always wanted.

When Lauren was a child, she always knew she wanted to be an actress. The costumes, the locations and the sheer brilliance of her favourite actors and crew. When she decided to go to university with her best friends, Lauren wanted to study acting and is so far hoping to be on a grade A+ at the end of the term.

During her teenage years, Lauren started to discover herself. She spent most of her teenager life single and when she was just about to age up into a young adult, she started to have feelings for women.

Lauren went on her very first date with a sim who she had been friends with most of her life. The experience she had with that friend, made her realise that she was gay. When she came out to everyone she knew, her best friends Jaimie and Alice supported her when her parents couldn’t.

Lauren is currently involved with fellow actress Venessa Jeong. She first met her at a night club and the two hit it off. After exchanging numbers, they talked for weeks and Lauren asked Venessa out on a date to a park, where they shared their first kiss.

Venessa’s updated look

Who knows what the future hold for their relationship and things are going good so far, but it could all change. Only time will tell.

Lauren is one of my favourite sims with a backstory that I love and can’t wait to develop.

You can find Lauren, along with her best friends Jaimie and Alice on the gallery.

Name: Three Best Friends

Gallery ID: iammissmanga

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