Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer and Episode One Thoughts.

“Did you miss me? I know I’ve missed you.” After hearing about the Gossip Girl reboot, I wasn’t sure I would watch it as I have never actually watched the original series before. But after watching the trailer that premiered on June 10th, I am now really excited to watch the first episode. Even though I have never watched the original series, I’ve done my research, watched clips and have even asked my Gossip Girl obsessed friend. So I am up to date on what happens.

I was hooked the moment the trailer started and stayed hooked until the very end. This show is for me. From Thomas Doherty and the iconic voice of Kristen Bell, the trailer has a lot of elements that exite fans.

When reading the critic’s reviews on the show, there is clearly a divide among them. But in my opinion, I must say that I absolutely loved the first episode and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. There was enough action for me to enjoy it whilst also introducing us to the characters that we will grow to love and even love to hate.

My stand out character is Max Wolfe, not just because of my love for Thomas Doherty but also my love for the pandexual lothario. I am intrigued at how his relationship with couple Aki and Audrey will pan out but nevertheless, I am exited to find out. Speaking of Audrey, at this moment in time, I am not too keen on her as a character. But as this was the first episode, I am sure she will grow on me.

With episode two released tomorrow, what are you looking the most forward to?

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