My Love For Courtney Miller

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I have been a following the YouTube channel Smosh for a very long time now and they still continue to make me laugh out loud. When you follow a channel like Smosh, you love to watch them grow over the years and add new members to the family.

Introduced in 2015, along with Shayne Topp, Courtney Miller quickly rose to the top as one of my favourite people on the internet and I have wanted to create a post about Courtney for a while now. I will post about the love I have for her, along with my favourite moments and much more.

The Mother’s Day Rule’

Courtney’s first appearance with Smosh was the music video “The Mother’s Day Rule” where she played Ian’s sister, as well as a background dancer. As this was her very first video that she was featured in, I didn’t know how much of an impact she would have on me and many others.

You can watch the full music video below

Opening up about her sexuality on SmoshCast

In the third official episode of SmoshCast, ‘Courtney’s Sexuality & How Ian Handles The Haters’, Ian, Courtney, and Damien are talking about topics like how to deal with negative comments online and Courtney discusses her own journey with discovering her sexuality.

Listening to Courtney opening up about her sexuality journey made me feel closer to her.

You can watch the full video below

Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover with Olivia

When it was announced that Olivia Sui and Courtney were hosting their very own show on the Smosh Second Channel, I was really excited to get to know both of them more.

Stupid Sleepover is still one of my favourite shows to look back on whenever I need to have a laugh, mainly because of Courtney and Olivia and how they are with the guests that appear on the show. There are 46 episodes of Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover and there are loads that I can watch on a loop. Flula, Lee Newton, The Warp Zone and many more people appear on the show (Thank you for introducing me to The Bath Boys).

There was a period where Courtney was absent for months after her last appearance in the episode called ‘Guess Who’s in my Sleeping Bag’ with Laser corn and Sohinki, back in July 2016. Olivia did do a great job hosting the show on her own but I have to admit that I was really missing Courtney. After months of waiting, she came back on the show on October 1st 2016 (My birthday 🥳) in one of my favourite episodes. It was nice to see her back after so long and with the episode guests being Shayne and Noah, you knew it was going to be a fun episode.

You can watch the full video below

Food Girl on ‘Put it in my mouth

Noah Grossman’s show ‘Put It In My Mouth’ included Courtney who was Noah and his guest’s waitress called Food Girl.

Put it in my mouth is basically a show that consists of Noah and his guests eating different foods and placing them on a scale of one to ten called The Noah-Gross-Out Scale.

In the video below is my favourite episode to rewatch as Courtney’s Character Food Girl, takes on a tough demeanour. The episode entitled  ‘Terrible Prison Food w/ Shayne’, Courtney wears a police officer costume and was addressed as Officer Food Girl. Throughout the episode, she would angrily bring over the food and threaten them. Trust me, it is funny.

You can watch the full video below

Reading her middle school diary

What is better than reading your friends diary with their permission and posting it on YouTube for the whole world to see? That is exactly what happens in multiple videos uploaded onto the Smosh Pit channel.

Listening to young Courtney’s stories was fun and funny and showed us what was happening in her life at the time. That is what makes the videos

You can watch the full video below

Her Vine

Even though Vine is no longer with us, Courtney’s vines are still with us and the memories of her videos.

You can watch a complilation video below

Eat it or Yeet it

As the host of this show, Courtney doesn’t take part in tasting the creations but as us fans love to see all of them take part. That is until one episode where the tables turned and Courtney found herself in the tasting seat.

You can watch the full video below

Meeting Chris Pratt

Who wouldn’t want to get embarrassed in front of their favourite celebrity? When Courtney officially meets Chris on ‘You Posted That?’, that is what happend. On the bright side, she got a slow dance with him.

You can watch the full videos below

Her relationship with Shayne

In the first video below, it was mentioned that Shayne and Courtney had their Smosh audition at the same time. At the end of his audition, Shayne tells Courtney that he’ll “See her at work”, even though they didn’t know if they got the job yet.

As the years went by, Courtney and Shayne were in many videos before and quickly became one of Smosh’s favourite shipped couples. If you don’t know, shipping is when followers of a fandom like the idea of two or more people being in a relationship.

One of my favourite videos to look back on is the one where Courtney and Shayne are pitted against Olivia and Sam Learner  in a newlywed like game. Beside watching Olivia and Sam have little tiffs throughout the game 😅🤣, it was also nice to see how well Courtney and Shayne knew each other.

There are so many moments that I wanted to mention but this post would go on for ages. Contact me on social media if you would like to see a post dedicated to my favourite moments.

You can watch the full video below

Do you have a favourite Courtney moment? Tell me in the comments below or on Instagram and other social media accounts. I love hearing from you and getting suggestions for future posts.

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