GMMTV Series: Baker Boys & 55:15 Never Too Late

Some of the shows that GMMTV announced last year are finally being released and there are a few others that I am really excited for. Besides Bad Buddy and Baker Boys which are currently airing, 55:15 Never Too Late is scheduled to begin airing on Monday December 6th.

*all images included, belong to GMMTV*

Baker Boys

Over the years we have been introduced to many adaptations of the Japanese manga Antique Bakery, from around the world.

I am currently on the first episode and plan to watch the second one tonight. I am loving the series so far and as I said, I’m only on the first episode!

I love all the actors that are involved. Singto, Lee, Foei and Pluem. I have yet to meet Foei’s character but from the trailer, I know I will love the character 🤗

55:15 Never Too Late

When this was announced, it was in my top five. I am really happy that we are getting this series as I was worried it would get cancelled.

After watching the trailer, I am ecstatic that we will be getting this series next week. Fingers crossed the wait has been worth it.

Which series are you excited to watch and what are your opinions on the series?.

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