GMMTV Series: The Player Thoughts

The Player was in my top three GMMTV series that was shown at last year’s annual livestream. It is finally on its way and I am really excited to watch it.

*all images included, belong to GMMTV*

The world of the wealthy isn’t as perfect as it seems. It could become real dark in a short time. What happens when one of them starts a game of life, that leads to a murder and exposes those Dark Secrets?- MyDramaList

As a huge fan of murder mysteries, words can’t describe how excited I am about this series. It has the elements that I enjoy and having a large cast that I love, also makes me extremely happy. “Detective Conan” is one of my all-time favourite manga and this series also has a mystery-thriller vibe.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! That trailer was everything!

As I said last year, a series that features Joss AND Namtan? I will definitely be watching it. The rest of the cast is amazing including more of my favourites, but Tay as a detective? Yes please!

The amount of times I had to pause in this trailer was unbelievable but that was so I could calm down a bit 😅 This trailer is basically filled with kissing, couples you least suspect and of course, lots and lots of drama. Of course there has to be a lot of drama in a series like this, but that is what I I looking forward to the most.

There were so many standout moments for me but I have to mention Foei’s acting. From his character Pooh in Baker Boys to his character Pitch in series is fascinating.

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to watch this without pausing at every second to scream. I have never been this excited about a trailer before and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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