Plans for 2022 and the Future- Five Year Plan

After a really hard 2020, I was looking forward to a better 2021 and I didn’t exactly get what I wanted but I am looking forward into 2022 and to the future as I have created a five year plan for me.

During in 2021, I decided that I wanted to plan far into the future and this year I will be turning twenty three. This means that my five year plan will take me to when I will be nearing thirty. But for now I am focusing on the first year of my plan.

For my first post of 2022, I am going to be listing and describing the main things I would like to achieve during my first year. Below are my objectives for my personal life.

Become more active and eating healthier

Getting healthier is always one of my most common resolutions and this year I plan to stick with it.

I am achieving it by cooking more substantial meals and using wholefood such as fruit and vegetables. I have been a vegetarian for almost nine years but a vegetarian who hates most vegetables, I am determined to cook meals using more healthier options and also hone in on my cooking skills.

Continue learning Japanese and guitar

I have always had an interest in playing the guitar as many of my idols know how to play and I wanted to see if I could teach myself. In 2020, I was given a guitar for Christmas but I have only played it once or twice. This year I will start learning th guitar again and my goal for this year is to teach myself a few songs and play them for my friends and family.

Last year I started to learn another language and I was torn between French and Thai, but ultimately went with neither. I have always had an interest in Japan and I have decided that I would love to learn Japanese.

Read more books

In the beginning of 2021, I started to read more but then stopped for some reason. Maybe that reason was because I didn’t have any books that interesting but in all honesty, I got lazy.

However, this year I have a number of books that I will be reading as I didn’t get to last year, whether it be manga or novel. Currently I am reading Dead Simple by Peter James, who wrote one of my favourite books: The House on Cold Hill.

Hang out with friends more and make new friends

As someone who likes to do things on her own, it can get very lonely. My last goal for this year is to hang out with my friends more and gain more experiences and I want to go on weekend trips with my closest friends.

I am apart of a few discord channels and don’t really talk a lot in them. But this year I want to get involved in the conversations more and hopefully gain some new friends on them.

After restarting my blog back in late 2020, below are my objectives that I would like to achieve in 2022. You will see what I want to do on this blog and the type of content I am aiming to create for this year.

Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Writing reviews and summaries on this blog was going to be a big part of creating content for my readers. This year won’t be any different as I have a list of shows that I would like to write about. My plan is to be posting these reviews and summaries two days after the episode has aired, three to four for series airing on Friday or Saturday.

I released my initial thoughts about the teaser trailer for KinnPorche last year and it was one of my most popular posts. If I am able to, I will be writing mini reviews on each episodes as I really want to share my thoughts with my readers.

GMMTV also have lots of new shows coming this year and I will be watching watching them all. I am especially excited for The Eclipse as I cannot wait to see best friends First and Khaotung act together. There is no words to describe how I was feeling when this series was announced. Which is why I will be reacting to the episodes and writing down all my emotions in a reaction post.

As well as new shows, I will finally be writing a review of My Gear and Your Gown, episodes ten to twelve. I know I said that last year but as I said, 2022 will be better.

Thank you to everyone who made my Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area Ending Thoughts post the most viewed on my blog.


During 2021 I have been re-watching some shows that I haven’t seen in a while and I want to share my thoughts on them. I will be listing why I have decided to relive these shows and will also share my opinions on the storylines, characters and more.

I plan to post my recommendations throughout the year, starting February.

Top Fours and Rankings

Back in 2020, on Instagram people posted their top four favourite males, females characters from Glee including friendships, canon couples and more. So I decided to do a few posts that will outline my favourite characters, songs from each seasons or episodes. I have already done a couple but I plan to write much more.

With the sad news that the Netflix series Julie and The Phantoms, wouldn’t be coming back (*shakes head*) I will be ranking my favourite episodes and highlights the moments that I loved the most. Last year, I put the music that was featured in order of worst to best. I will be doing this with other musical shows and movies.

Wattpad Story

I have been working on a novel for years and I will be releasing it later in the year. I will be using the website Wattpad to publish my novel with a chapter released every three months.

If you want to find out more about my novel, check out the page titled “My Wattpad Story” at the top of this page and hopefully you will give it a read.


All the categories above are all types of content that I have already been working on and with all the content I have planned, I can’t wait to start growing my blog.

I sincerely apologise to the people that I promised that my post about the podcast The Ship it Show would be released last year. It is now completed and will be available to view later this month.

I have never been a gamer but since 2020 I have been playing The Sims, when I was rewatching Dan and Phil. After a break of playing, I recently went back to it and in the process of remaking my very first family. I will be posting about on this blog, including their backstory, future plans and more.

I have been collecting manga for a few years now and for a while, I stopped and only read them online. Recently I have been looking at different Instagram profiles of people who have an account dedicated to manga. They made me want to start collecting them again and then I did. So this year, be sure to look on my social media pages to see how my manga collection grows over the next year.

I hope you enjoyed reading the start of my five year plan and that you are curious about what the year holds for my blog.

Thank you to everyone who visited, viewed and liked my blog last year.

Top three countries

I hope you will like what I have planned this year.

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