GMMTV Series: The Eclipse Quick Thoughts

There are no words to describe how excited I am for this new series coming soon to GMMTV.

Ever since becoming a fan of Khaotung Thanawat back in 2018 after watching ‘The Blacklist’, I have been waiting for him to be a lead in another BL after he did a good job in ‘Tonhon Chonlatee’.

These two leading men Khaotung and First, who are real life besties, have chemistry that is off the charts and it definitely shows in the trailer.

Let’s also not forget about the supporting cast that includes Louis Thanawin, Neo Trai Nimtawat, AJ Chayapol, Pawin Kulkaranyawich and Ployphach Phatchatorn Thanawat.

I can’t wait to see what the other characters bring and I an sure the cast are going to do an amazing job.

School is a second home that teaches its students how to grow up in society. But if rules in that school become a problem, will these rightless students demand that which has been taken from them?

If there’s an enforcer of rule in a school, there will naturally be those who want to break the rules. A sense of dissimilarity will drive a love between two people.


Starting on Friday August 12, The Eclipse is my most anticipated series that GMMTV announced last year.

Hopefully the next two weeks will go by quickly.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you as excited I am about seeing Khaotung and First in the lead roles?

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