Modern Family Thoughts

Why has is taken me so long to actually watch Modern Family? Well this year I finally managed to sit down and watch it. I have quickly grown to absolutely adore this show and have fallen in love its cast.

After giving into temptation and getting a Disney plus account, I decided to watch Modern Family and it didn’t disappoint. I managed to binge watch all the episodes over the span of a few weeks, but I ran into a problem as Disney plus UK only have up to season nine. So I had to borrow another source to watch the rest. So Disney…when are you going to put the last two seasons on?

Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, Modern Family focuses on the lives of Jay Pritchett, and his two children; daughter Claire Dunphy, and son Mitchell Pritchett.

Claire is married to Phil Dunphy a real estate agent with a childlike personality and together they have three children: Haley, Alex and Luke. Environmental Lawyer Mitchell and his partner Cameron Tucker have adopted a Vietnamese baby called Lily and will have to navigate their way around being first time parents. Jay has recently married Gloria who is a younger Colombian woman and are together raising her son Manny. As the series progresses, the families grow bigger. This includes the arrival of Jay and Gloria’s son Joe, midway in season four.

One of my favourite things about watching a long airing series is seeing all the cast grow up, especially the children. Just watching them grow into strong independent men and woman is a nice thing to see.

Do you watch Modern Family? Do you have a favourite character? Is there a stand out character for you?

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