#GMMTV2023: – Thoughts

It’s that time of the year again. On November 22nd 2022, GMMTV announced their new shows for the new year and I am extremely happy to say that there are so many on on this list that I will definitely watch. All of the projects that were announced at the event are the ones that are allowed to be shown, which means that there are more projects coming but they are just under development and can’t be shown.

We are still expecting a few more shows that were announced last year including one of my most anticipated series, Never Let Me Go.

While watching the livestream on YouTube, I was writing down my feelings and my opinion on the teaser trailers that were released.

But at the very beginning of the livestream we were treated to a performance by the boys of The Alpha Project.

*Note: these are my thoughts on the upcoming series that GMMTV announced*


A series with Prim and Win as the leads? This is definitely on my watch list for next year. The whole style of the trailer really got me excited as I love shows with an underling dark side.

A Boss and a Babe

Another BL series with Force and Book? YES PLEASE! I love the fact that we are getting this couple again next year. Although it wasn’t the best, I enjoyed watching Enchante and now that we are getting this comedy/romance series. I just hope this one does better.

Find Yourself

I really love the title of this one. There are quite a few actors that I am excited to see featured, including Neen. This series looks cute and I can’t wait to see all the different couples that we got to see in the trailer.

Double Savage

Perth and Ohm as brothers? Huh…this is something I didn”t know I needed. This trailer had me hooked, especially with all the fighting, I love a good action series and I know this will definitely be near that top of my watchlist next year. I love seeing Foei in serious roles and I loved him in The Player.

Hidden Agenda

I am happy that Joong and Dunk are back as another couple as I just love their chemistry. Is it my favourite so far? No, but it has peaked my interest and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.


As soon as I saw Milk I screamed. WE ARE FINALLY GETTING A GMMTV GL SERIES! We have been waiting for this day for ages! And we also get a BL side couple? This has already sprung right to the top of my watchlist. And with Milk and Love as the leads… MilkLove nation have won.


This trailer didn’t give a lot away but a story about first love and with Dew as one of the leads, I will be watching it.

Cooking Crush

A series about chefs and our boys Off and Gun as a couple once again? I need it now. I love a good comedy and these actors featured will do a good job as they do comedy so well.

Wednesday Club

The trailer started out so nice and then it just took a dark turn but I am loving it. There are many actors that are featured in this that I love and think are really good actors, which makes me excited to see what this series has in store for us as viewers. Each character has their own story and I can’t wait to see what all their backstories are.

Last Twilight

Jimmy and Sea are once again a couple and with my girl Namtan included in this BL series, it is on my watchlist as the storyline looks really interesting.

Loneliness Society

This just reminded me of an episode of Friends 😀 Any guesses on which one?

Only Friends

I don’t think my heart can handle this… I have no words. I am really really REALLY excited for this one. We are getting so many partnerships in this series and it is…AWESOME! Now this is a series for me and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Hotter and heavier than Friendzone? OMG.

Faceless Love

A series about a rich who suffers from face blindness who hires an assistant to help him connect with people…this could be good.

Dangerous Romance

Chimon is finally in a BL and with Perth and is another thing I didn’t know I needed. Seeing people put this partnership on their wishlist, it looks like they are getting their wishes. I have loved seeing Chimon’s acting skills grow over the years and I have no doubt that he will be good in this. But also, what is it with Perth beating people up in every series he is in??

The Jungle

Wild is back! The casting in this series is very interesting and it features a lot of my all time favourites. The names of the characters are so good but Mix has to have my favourite one.

Cherry Magic

Just when I thought it was ending, they give us a curveball…we are getting a Cherry Magic Thai remake and the main characters are Tay and New? OMG! Sadly they aren’t allowed to show a trailer for licencing issues but I must say that I am happy to see this announced!

Midnight Museum

Now this one has peaked my interest and not only because Namtan is featured. I like the whole feel of the trailer and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

Our Sky 2

YAY! The trailer had me screaming and wondering what was being announced but when I saw it was another series of Our Sky, I felt tears (of joy). I really enjoyed the first Our Sky but I am happy that we are getting another one and with twice as many couples including Khaotung and First. I can’t wait to see what it has in stall but I know I will definitely be watching.

Beauty Newbie

I am happy to see Baifern featured in another series by GMMTV. I liked her in 46 Days and I have seen Gangnam Beauty which this series is based off. Another actor that I like is Great, who has just recently joined GMMTV as an artist. He was amazing in Manner of Death and I am excited to see how his acting has improved.

The Interest

To end the livestream we are shown the trailer to a movie which features Bright Vachirawit and Yaya Urassaya. I am a massive fan of Bright and I am really excited for him to shine in this movie. However, we are going to have to wait and see if this film will be released worldwide.

There isn’t a series on this list that I won’t be watching as I think every one of the series shown has the protentional to be amazing. I am happy to see so many actors taking on more main roles and being in the more mature series.

Which of the shows that were announced were your favourites? Will you watch them and if so, which ones?

Every year, the artists have some great style choices and there were a few that I loved. Below I have put my favourite looks in a slideshow. And who doesn’t love a 3 Will Be Free reunion?

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