My Redbubble account.

For as long as I can remember I have loved doing anything creative, including drawing, painting and even making collages out of magazines. Last year I bought Photoshop and fell in love with using it to create edits. I started to research ways to try and sell my designs and that is when I decided to open up my very own Redbubble account.

Redbubble gives independent artists a way of selling their creations by opening up a free shop and uploading their designs for people to buy. All you do is upload your designs and they basically arrange the printing and shipping.

I have had my Redbubble shop for a few years now and the edits that I have uploaded are simple, but I have gotten better at Photoshop. I have recently started to make some edits on Photoshop to upload onto my account, this will be in the near future.

The picture below is linked and will take you to my Redbubble account.

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