FriendZone 2: Dangerous Area Reviews

I have been excited for this series ever since it was announced by GMMTV during their “New & Next” event last October. The prequel to Friend Zone 2 was shown in 2018, which was a year before I was introduced to the amazing country of Thailand. Friend Zone the series follows the story of three couples and the many twists and turns of their individual relationships as well as their overarching friendships with each other.

Photo Credit: GMMTV

This series was one of the few shows that I was the most excited about, so I have decided to write reviews on Friends Zone 2: Dangerous Area. But on the day that it was released, there wasn’t any English subs and they didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon (my time). As if that wasn’t annoying enough, I wasn’t feeling well all through the weekend and didn’t have time to even write a review. But next week, I will be reviewing episode two and will be posting my thoughts about the first episode at the beginning.

I am looking forward to reviewing this as I have high hopes for it and it might change my initial opinion about the ending of the first series.

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