Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area- Episode Two

It happened! The premier of Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area episode two had English subtitles and as I looked at the comments I could see many other international fans were feeling the same excitement as me.

Last week, I didn’t get to write a short review on episode one (follow this link) but this week I was ready and very excited to start episode two.

This series consists of flashbacks that introduce us to some of the characters lives at university and how they came to be friends. I thoroughly enjoyed episode one as we were being reintroduced to the characters we love. The beginning left us with many questions but the main one being: Who is hurt?

We start with a flashback that includes Boyo, Boom and Stud and after what happened in the first episode, they are still refusing to attend the hazing ceremony and Bew is having none of it. Finding it selfish of them to refuse to go to the ceremony, Bew informs them that the first years will be punished for their actions. It is clear to see that Bew does not like them as she is very snarky with her comments toward the three friends.

Bew had posted a video from when they were back in university at the end of the last episode and is now apologising for doing it. I do however have a feeling that she did do it on purpose, but we don’t know why and I am sure we will know soon enough. As we established, Boyo, Bew and the others were not be on the best of terms back when they were younger but I can’t wait for the past to be revealed.

Yes Stud was in the wrong in the first series and will probably be in the wrong in future episodes, but he is and will always be my favourite character. Earth and Stud are still not talking and it looks like they won’t be for a while, after they see each other at the hospital. After seeing Stud, Earth later reminisces to a time when Stud introduced him to both Boyo and Boom. Boom has seen Earth before and has developed a crush on him, making her all flirty when he arrives. They all quickly becoming friends and start to hang out together, at university and at home.

Invited by Ton, Earth joins Sam and Ton to play tennis and brings along Boom as company. After the game is over, there is an awkward silence when Ton slyly refers to Sam’s cheating with a poor choice of words. Later that night, the other villain of this series, Bew has asked Boyo to tell Good to visit her in her office as she is happy with his portfolio but based on the look she gives, there is more to this that meets the eye. I was soon proved right as Bew has also recruited Safe to help with the project as her assistant which is of course very suspicious.

With another flashback, we find out how Safe and Boyo met and when she develops a crush on him and wants to flirt, she gets him alone. But when they do get their alone time, they are soon interrupted by Boom and Stud. They tell her that the seniors are punishing their classmates, just because of them skipping out on the ceremony. The three of them then go down to talk to the seniors and after a speech Stud makes, many other first years including Earth and Bew and then leave. Later on Boyo, Boom, Stud, Earth and Bew go to a club and this is when we find out that Bew is in fact sleeping with Safe but ensures Boyo that she can go after him. The video that Bew posted in the last episode is filmed during this scene and we finally find out what happed after the video was filmed.

Boyo and Bew help get Boom home, while Stud takes Earth back to his house. I became a massive Earth and Stud fan in the last series, and have been shipping them until the end. I did also like the dynamic between Sam and Earth at the very beginning but after Sam cheated on Earth, I felt a lot different and the fact that we get to find out more about Stud and Earth, makes me extremely happy. After Stud helps Earth with his shoes and jacket, you can see that Stud is falling hard for Earth and as he kisses him, Earth kisses him back but he quickly pushes him away after realising what has happened.

I know Ton is supposed to be one of the antagonists of this series but I can’t help but like him. The way that it seems that he is trying to get in the middle of Sam and Earth’s relationship like Stud did back in the last series. I have seen a few tweets that I agree on as I think maybe Ton was once in the same situation as Earth was when Sam cheated on him. He believes that Earth deserves someone better than Sam and is trying to make him see the light.

The episode ends with Safe realising that he still has feelings for Boyo and wants her back, even after the things he did to her in the past. Bew tells him that she thinks that Boyo might still have feelings for him too and will help Safe win her back. But it seems like the theme of this series is that you can’t always hide from your past, sometimes it finds a way of coming back and biting you when you least expect it.

Next week can not come quick enough as we are finally introduced to Apple Lapisara’s character and I am really excited about it. I have been a fan of Apple since I first saw her in Dark Blue Kiss and I am sure she will do her best in this series.

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