Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area Ending Thoughts

I started to watch series from Thailand late 2019 and there are a few that I love, Friend Zone was one of them. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, I still really enjoyed it.

Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area ended yesterday and I loved it more than the first series. This series has been great from the start and I was really sad to see all these characters’ stories come to an end.

I have a feeling that there are a lot of people who are not happy with how the series ended but I on the other hand, loved it. I was happy to see that some of the characters we love get their happy endings.

Cris and Am

I have loved this couple from the start and I am very happy that they ended up together. Last episode, I was really worried that their story was going to end sad but I am glad I was wrong. The fact that we got a lesbian couple in this series was great and I was proud that we got to see their love blossom. And that scene where Am throws her drink over that idiot at the wedding? Priceless.

Stud and Ta

I have and will always be a Stud and Earth shipper but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the fact that Stud and Ta ended up together. With Ta by his side, Stud is can try very hard to be a changed man and I am sure he can be. He is my favourite character in the whole series and any chance to see him happy makes me happy.

Sam and Earth

At the beginning of the first season I really liked them together but as the series went on, that changed. I was upset that season one ended up with Earth forgiving Sam for cheating on him with Stud. When the second season began, I could sort of tell that there were going to many curveballs in their relationship. At the end of the day I am really proud of Earth for choosing what he wants. Choosing your own happiness is the best choice and if he wasn’t happy in the relationship, then it was time to end it. In the end Earth chose to love himself and there is nothing wrong with that.

Music, Good and Boyo

Music and Good maybe missing their ‘loves’ but it will take time to move on. Let’s just hope that they can find their own happiness, whether that may be together, with someone else or on their own.

As much as I liked Good and Boyo together, I love how their story ended. Boyo proved that you don’t need to depend your happiness on someone and all you need is yourself. You can be the reason of your own happiness. “Love yourself more.” that is the key.

Boom and Tor

Throughout the whole two seasons, I always kept my eye on these two and I am extremely happy that they got their happy ending. They are my favourite couple in the whole series and I was excited to see how their wedding day would unfold. Boom is my favourite female in the series and the fact that she is Tor’s happiness, makes me feel so single (😂) but also happy.

Tor’s speech and his song that he sang to Boom was very heart-warming and emotional. I am very pleased that their story ended the way it did, together.

I will miss this show a lot but thank you to all the cast and crew for an amazing series.

Whose ending did you like the most? Did you love this series’ ending as much as I did? Or do you think it could be better?

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